Aldric Chang


KIDS love puppies, who doesn’t? But when Lucy has a group of them literally drop in on her from out of nowhere, her life is about to get turned upside down.

These mini mutts are no ordinary dogs, they come from a parallel world called Woof World. It’s practically a doggy paradise, a place were dogs talk like you and me, and take themselves for walks, a land where fire hydrants are plentiful and bones grow on trees…..and, as Lucy soon discovers, they also have super-cool powers.

Sedo is the top dog of the group and he’s a pooch on a mission, his evil arch nemesis Bado and her side kick Rollo have escaped justice through a dimensional doorway into Earth. Unfortunately, the dimensional doorway sucked Sedo and his friends through as well. The stunned pups found themselves falling through the air and landing in a strange new world called Earth…Well, they actually landed on Lucy who was on her way home from school before being buried under a pile of whimpering dogs.

Sedo and his friends, Guro, Cosmo , Mono, Judo and Floro are marooned on Earth, their only hope of returning home is to catch Bado, and get her to conjure up the dimensional doorway, but she and Rollo have absolutely no intentions of going home and quickly disappear deep into the labyrinth of Westmile City, Sedo and his friends could be stuck here for quite some time!

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    If you have just enough space for 10 business books, make 'Sparkplug to Creative Communication' one of them. John Bittleston has a brilliant way of bringing across complex business ideas and principles in fun, easy-to-read bite sized chunks. At $4.99 this is absolutely a steal!