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M. A. Sani was born to Megat Hashim and Tengku Zauyah in the year 1953 in the state of Kedah, Malaysia.

After completing his secondary education, he went to Brighton Technical College, the UK for an Ordinary National Diploma course. He graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), the UK in 1977. Much of his time in Manchester was spent outside lecture halls. He studied philosophy, economics, sociology, politics and other branches of humanities in the UMIST and John Rylands Library, Victoria University of Manchester. These years taught him to be an activist, writer, and editor of a journal.

Beginning with the year 1982, he studied and developed a number of tools for a better, effective framework and methodology to improve one’s productivity.

The year 1986 marked the beginning of the real-world-proving of his management concepts. It is his ardent belief that those lessons of life should be disseminated for posterity. The result is TULIS, an acronym for Transformational Universal Linguistics - Intuitive Semantics. It is a framework, methodology, and toolbox for analysis and design of any entity and its system(s). ImaginIT is a primary tool of TULIS.

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Smashwords Interview

What is the idea behind ImaginIT?
It is all about imagination. As we know imagination can take us anywhere where logic fails.

I needed a simple tool to apply the powers of imagination in everything that I do. That was the motivation behind ImaginIT.
In what areas can you apply ImaginIT?
There are no limits!

If you are distressed by a financial crisis, you can figure out the causes and map out a solution framework. If you find you and your soul-mate are having seemingly difficult relationship, you can sketch out the possible issues and "design" the solution(s).

If you have found no employment despite repeated attempts, you could consider self-employment as a viable alternative.

If you are tasked with reinventing a business (and you have no prior experience), you can use your imagination to understand what does it take to turnaround it.

If you child is suspected to be suffering from ADHD, you can at least try to find the real causes before you meet an expert.

You are only limited by your own imagined constraints.
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You WILL ALWAYS be creative. Our work, personal and family life; and our lifestyle compete for our precious time. They present challenges and opportunities. We must have a simple tool and technique to solve problems and issues. Imagination is fascinating and extremely useful. Imagination can unlock the keys to hidden treasures.

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