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  • Anyone on Nov. 10, 2011
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    This book is actually a sequel to the book "Gossamer Sphere" by the same author. I discovered this because, even though this book is a complete stand-alone story in itself, there were many references to previous happenings, which were intriguing, to say the least. Therefore, after finishing "Anyone", I purchased and read "Gossamer Sphere". I am telling you this now so you may have the option to read them in order for better continuity flow. with the story. Titania is an unattractive 15-year old girl living with her mother an LPN nurse. The earth has just been through a major cataclysm involving earthquakes, increased volcanic activity, tsunamis, and a reversal of the magnetic poles. Many of the citizens in the western and southeastern United States have had to relocate to different places because of such massive damage; Titania and her mother flee from the Pacific Northwest to live with a family member in Pennsylvania. This is were much of the action takes place. She discovers, after a stressful first day in a new high school, that she is either losing her mind, or she can shape-shift! In sharing with her mother some of the new stressors in her life, she discovers that her absent father had actually been a member of the Fae, and was a full-blooded shape-shifter himself. Her mother had been wondering if Titania would ever develop any gifts relating to her father's heritage. We soon find out that something had happened to her on a short, quick trip to England they had made while moving from Washington to Pennsylvania (what a side trip!). This incident is determined to be the catalyst that awoke Titania's unusual abilities. We also find out, through more mention of things that happened before this book's beginning, that she and her mother actually played a part in saving the world! I recommend this book to anyone who likes science, fiction and fantasy; they are all in this book! But I recommend you read "Gossamer Sphere" first.