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I was raised in a large castle with a moat, a drawbridge and a personal chef. Every night before bed I would wish upon a star for a handsome prince to come and whisk me off my feet and we'd raise a family of our own. Flash forward twenty years and that fantasy turned into real life. Well ok. I wasn't born in a castle and I didn't have a personal chef, a girl can dream though can't she? In truth, I've led a fairly simple life. I'm a stay at home Mom to 4 super amazing (and stunningly gorgeous) kids. We live in the great state of Georgia though my dreams are to kick my eldest out of the house and out of the state (yay college). Kidding, I'm kidding, don't worry Baby, Mama loves you! Although one part of my fairytale is true, I did marry a handsome prince and we've been happily married for 11 years and counting. I'm an animal lover and own 3 dogs, a turtle, a bearded dragon, and my husband and kids own snakes (and if they get loose, I'm leaving them all!) In my spare time (no really, I get that sometimes!) I volunteer with the Atlanta Weimaraner Rescue and I enjoy playing The Sims 3. As for my writing, it was something I happened to stumble upon one day and it was something I surprisingly came to love and enjoy.

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What motivated you to become an indie author?
The freedom to put out my story, the way I wanted. I knew my first book was more on the unconventional side, so the idea of shopping it around to publishers only to possibly be rejected due to content was something I'd rather not do. After doing some research and seeing the success authors like CJ Roberts had, I decided that being an indie author would be a better fit for me.

That's not to say I would turn down a publisher if one were to approach me, but to get started in the biz, self-pubbing was the way to go.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Being able to let my imagination run wild. As kids, we all would daydream and wonder what if. Well writing allows those daydreams to come to life.
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Fiendish-A Twisted Fairytale
Price: $3.50 USD. Words: 218,850. Language: English. Published: April 28, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Fiendish is a dark and twisted take on Beauty and The Beast. Calida Alexander enters into a relationship with Seth Jokobi and thinks he can be the prince charming she's been waiting for. When she learns that beneath his sexy exterior lies a man with a very dark nature, her fairytale quickly becomes a nightmare; one she's not sure she can escape.

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