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Smashwords book reviews by Mel B

  • Body and Soul (PsyCop #3) on July 01, 2010

    This book sealed the deal for me: Jordan Castillo Price is a genius. Her stories are fun and engaging, her characters (especially Vic) are to die for! And I love how she manages to add those little details which make her world and characters so true to life and easy to visualize. This story deserved 5 stars for the opening chapter alone in which we see Vic having Thanksgiving dinner with Jacob’s family. Brilliant! Besides that we see Vic trying to adjust to yet another new partner, Zigler. Together they need to solve the mystery behind a group of missing persons who seemed to unexplainably linked to each other. Meanwhile Jacob is still house hunting and Crash is every bit his intriguing self. A wonderful read!
  • Secrets (PsyCop #4) on July 01, 2010

    This fourth installment of the PsyCop series is called Secrets and the title says it all: everybody is keeping secrets from everyone. Meanwhile there’s a gruesome case to be solved. I found the crime story in Secrets to be the most interesting of the series till date, but the reason I read these books is because of the characters and there were some great revelations and developments going on! I just can't stress how much I love Vic. He feels so real and his inner turmoil just makes my heart ache. Vic now owns a house with superman/superhunk/supercop Jacob, but it’s not easy for Vic to be happy. Especially when his past comes to haunt him... The secondaries are equally as engaging. We get to know Jacob a bit better and it’s nice to see he isn’t as perfect as Vic imagines him to be. It’s also great to see how much Jacob loves Vic. Besides Jacob, we get a peek in Zigler's home life and we reunite with Lisa and Carolyn. Lisa’s struggle with her si/no and her determination to help Vic made me forgive her for treating Vic so poorly last book. Also -and very surprisingly- I loved Carolyn! Her bluntness is hilarious. Another great addition to the PsyCop series. 4,5 stars
  • Striking Sparks (PsyCop Novelette) on July 01, 2010

    Short, sweet and steamy and featuring Crash... I thought he was interesting after Criss Cross but this story has REALLY sparked my interest. I'm intrigued! I want some more!