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  • Stone Walls on March 03, 2015

    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Ben & Ella. Ben is a copy with a superhero complex at times. Ella is a shy timid woman who has been sheltered for most of her life & is finally giving herself the chance to live a little. When Ben and Ella first meet they rub each other the wrong way but the attraction is strong between them. Ben is still fighting some demons from his past but he finds that when he is with Ella those demons are quieter. Ben isn't sure that he wants the responsibility in his mind of another person. He likes doing his job fighting his demons going home sleeping and doing it all over again. When this book starts Ben is in a casual sexual relationship. However his friends do not like her and want to see him with Ella or at least his partners girlfriend does and she is determined to get the two together. When Andrea and Ella met in college Ella never realized what that friendship would mean for her in the future. After the death of Ella's mom she comes to New York and looks up Andrea. Andrea had come to New York after graduation and had gotten a job at a PR firm. When Ella comes to her she sets her up in her apartment and helps to get her a job at the firm she works with. Ella & Ben's relationship is a challenge to get started and a challenge during it there are many twist and turns that will keep you hooked from the first word to the very end. This book is amazing and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.