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Smashwords book reviews by meridae

  • A Fluffy Tale 2: Warm and Fuzzy on Feb. 10, 2011

    I love Ann Somerville's work, and she is one of my 'frequent re-reads' (i.e. I go back to her writing time and time again to read it over when I can't find anything new that catches my interest). I was thrilled to find a sequel to the regularly enjoyed 'A Fluffy Tale' and this addition to her body of work certainly doesn't disappoint. Admittedly, it's not as long as the first story, and doesn't quite get into the character's heads as deeply, but it is, in my opinion, a more polished, tighter piece of writing with less - excuse the pun - fluff! Well, except for the kems, of course, which are a highlight and a drawcard to these tales. While never strictly or truly defined, in my head kems are a cross between a cat, a ferret and a two year old - only more intelligent - and as with the first story they add an endearing and integral aspect to this story as they continue to meddle in the affairs of their humans. It's fun to speculate on what kems actually are - a shard of the human soul given furry form, or just a way of answering the human need to never be alone? - whatever they are, they are still the central point around which these stories revolve.