Kathryn Parson

Smashwords book reviews by Kathryn Parson

  • Darkness Comes on Jan. 10, 2013

    I'm still in a quandary on what to say about this story. I was very excited to get it free from the author in a contest, but it really didn't live up to the synopsis given. There are lots of grammatical errors which made it very hard at times to read. You would get stalled, have to fix the meaning in your head, and continue on. There is lots of jumping around in the story which at times gets confusing because you don't know who's memories you are seeing. All in all, I can't truly recommend this story farther than a 2.5... just made me want to get through with it and be done. OH.. and for those that are thinking this is vampire erotica... it takes over half the story to actually get to the hotness in the relationship (not including the teasers in dream sequences)