First Ghost Writer

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He is a global expert in adventures from the past, present and future.
He has an unparalleled imagination. From an early age I drew on the tables, chairs, floor, walls what he imagined in his mind. They were stories and endless stories. Your little brain from very early on created situations in which this little boy expressed himself by drawing, scribbling that his creativity created without stopping. To the astonishment of those around him, this mode of creative expression, made him a highlight among everyone his age. For your at a young age, made comics, complete story drafts, and soon was creating murals and painting pictures. Small entrepreneurs were looking for this child to make drawings to follow his newspaper ads, store plaques, publications illustration, murals, screens, pictures, books. Made pictures and sold in squares, hotels, shops, and was still a child. So for the sake of his artistic works were sold to adult put their own names on the signature and present them as their works.
Later he began to write texts for newspapers and other publications, collaborated with fanzines, magazines, articles and others with their texts. I wrote stories and stories.
He became the small creator of secret art that nobody knew, because there was always another artist name or writer or representing. Many have used their work for a long time. So besides being helping so many people for so long, as an adult, the author saw that already it was time to use his own name in his creations. Being the creator behind various scripts, books, articles, magazine writing, story creation, design, layouts, illustrations, arts, covers, among others, came to the conclusion that due to great demand for other artists and authors, it is time to present their creations like himself.