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The writer in Julius Butcher lurked for a long-long time until he decided to let him loose. He started to write short stories for his and his friend's amusement. Meantime, he had read everything he could put his hands on to improve his craft. His first e-book consists of three short stories, each one taking the reader to different areas of the science-fiction realm.

Julius lives in Belgium with his wife, four children, two dogs and three cats. He doesn't know the number of his birds and fishes anymore.

Julius is eager to get feedback, so if you like his writing, please leave a review.
You can contact him by
e-mail: julius.butcher@outlook.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/JButcherAuthor
blog: http://juliusbutcher.wordpress.com

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Smashwords book reviews by Julius Butcher

  • Megazaur: Akysha's Fury on Jan. 23, 2012

    The story is about a young warrior woman who makes her way in a world of warfare. She has her ability to immerse into the fight like a fury, making her unbeatable. But in spite of her virtue she is like other women, finding love. This book is built around a fresh and compelling idea I haven't come across yet: humans can control dinosaurs with their minds. Maybe the mental symbiosis would fit better, since the dinos have their own will, still they obey commands from their human mates. I have to admit, I was lost first, and it took a while to understand who is who and what is happening. There is a complex world of tribes and ranks. People who are into books with dragons will like this book, since dinos are similar in a way. They even come in more varieties having different capabilities.
  • Speculative Journeys: An Anthology of Scifi, Fantasy and other Strange Tales on Dec. 02, 2013

    This book indeed took me to a wide range of places. Like a "world tour", not around this world but to other speculative ones. The range is really wide, not only taking the reader to distant galaxies but far in time, moreover, outside of this universe. I didn't like all stories equally. I loved the plot of "Finding Farber" also the extravagant characters. The style was original, I found gems like "Hair like a half-breed Pekingese on a bad day." My other favourite was Norma's adventure on the planet of gurgs. I was wondering if I were in the shoes of Norma: would I want to go back to a deserted Earth, or stay in the relative comfort and safety of the alien zoo. Finally I decided I would go back with Norma, and I was glad she did just like that, because it turned out that... oh, that would be spoiler, you must read the story yourself. ;) I also would love to read more stories like "Adam". In spite of the time and the setting the characters were like ordinary people in extraordinary situation, which made the story real. In some stories I felt like something was missing. Besides the interesting plot and compelling characters, a twist would the good story make an excellent one. Especially I felt "The Yellow Stone" unfinished. (Dear T. M., what happened after that?) I don't know if the stories were in the order they've been written, but I sensed an improvement in the writing towards the end.