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Born during an awakening of a volcano. Went to school up to two years of college, most of my schooling been what I read or did. Like to draw and write and do some programming and a little music. Tend to live in many worlds in a day.

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Invention of the Sound Sphere (Sonton Lawson #1)
Series: Sonton Lawson, Book 1. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 18,330. Language: English. Published: February 27, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Mystery & Detective
Sonton Lawson a binturong and his friends try to find out why someone wants to steal three of the company's plans.

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Smashwords book reviews by R. A. Danger

  • The Chronicles of Gan: The Thorn on Nov. 09, 2010

    A story that has two goals: the main character wants peace between the three tribes and the tribe of Daniel is waiting to give the scepter and sword to the one that is said to come to Gan. In the story it’s self you will hear talk of peace, forgiveness, and working together to stop the war start by the emperor of the Gideonites. The book can be divided into three parts them (Jonathan, Eli, and Pekah) going to see the emperor base on a vision stopping General Rezon from continuing the war, and the aftermath. The book was a lot like reading a story from the bible, with the names and the feeling of the story. It was also like I was traveling with them as they went on their journey of bring peace to the tribes and the events that unfolded. Inside the book is acknowledgements, a glossary, the tribes, the characters in the book, and a map. The chapters in the book were from short to average so most of the time it will feel like one is reading faster then they are. The last chapter is a sneak peek of the second book. The e-book is version is 171 pages compare to the paperback version which is 297 pages. Both have the same stuff in there, just a different font.
  • Who Censored Roger Rabbit? on April 30, 2011

    In the beginning Eddie is not very interested in the case that Roger gives him until Roger and Rocco ends up dead. What is every one hiding? In the book we find out that all the suspects (including Roger Rabbit) have there own secrets that they might not wish to get out. They will attempted to lie or hope to avoid any unanswered question, so these secrets wouldn’t come out. Then there is also a tea kettle that’s is important to the story. Why does Rocco’s brother and Jessica want a tea kettle for? There is also a surprise in who killed the rabbit. Figuring out what’s happening my be harder then you think. Try figuring it out. Your bound to change your answer on what really is happening.
  • My Sparkling Misfortune (The Lakeland Knight series, #1) on April 30, 2011

    Lord Arkus is a known villain with a few problems he has a beast chasing him and a nasty prince who calls himself a hero. After being chase by the beast and losing him. He decides he needs a gormack but instead of capturing a gormack he got a sparkling. A sparkling that only attaches them selves to heroes (except that this sparkling believes he can change Arkus). It’s not long before Arkus is scheming , he decides he wants to kidnapped the princess for ransom, instead that plan is defeated when some bandits come in and try to do the same. Arkus is force to save her. From then on he is called by the people “Lakeland Knight” and given a castle. Soon he has people wanting to work for him and he becomes friends with Prince Philip. Force in the role of hero, he learns what true friendship is and the more he tries to dig out of his new role the more he is thrown in as a hero. In the end he will tell he is a villain and always will be.
  • Nostradormouse on June 14, 2011

    Written a bit like one of the old animal tales mix with modern fantasy, which gives the story it’s own unique style. It tells how the first dormouse came to have the power to see the future and the knowledge to heal others. The dormouse goes out into the world to give names, save animals and await for the moment to go to the tree and do the final act. That the fish with the eight acorns of wisdom is probably the one responsible for what is happening with the tree even if the story doesn’t say it.
  • Witch Grannies - The Case of the Evil Schoolmaster on June 14, 2011

    It start with Emily and Malcolm going to visit their Grannies, on the way the train stops, the driver is missing and an other train is coming. That’s just the start of their adventure (more Emily’s then Malcolm). Soon they find out somebody has been kidnapping children and one of the witch’s is missing, they suspect foul play and so do the trees. With them one short, the children’s grannies ask Emily to become a witch and help solve who is behind this and stop them. The reader will find out soon enough who it is. This book is more an adventure then a regular mystery or one can think of it being in the genre of superheroes but with a group of witches, but for real it belongs in it’s own little genre.
  • Bees in My Butt on June 14, 2011

    Monkey and the rest of the gang have more of a problem, for that day then just flatulence. It seems a small gang of ninjas with water guns wants to turn the school into a charter school and the leader (use your mystery skills to figure this one out) is personally out to get Monkey and prove he is smarter then he acts. It doesn’t take long for the Ninjas to turn the school upside down. So it’s up to the smart boys to solve this problem and keep their smartness in tack. It will take all their skills to come up with a plan to turn everything back up again. There is in-depth notes at the end telling about the stuff they mention in the book. Make sure you tell Monkey he does have a weapon.
  • We Flushed it Down the Potty on June 14, 2011

    In this one a bully name Bridget is out to get Vinny, calling her names and even flushing her ring down the toilet. Well no one treats one of the smart boys like that, off they plot how to stop Bridget and get the ring back. Art decides to solve the ring problem. Monkey first tries telling the teacher, but she doesn’t believe that one of her favorite students would do such a thing. Then off to the principal, but no she doesn’t believe him either. So Monkey comes up with some clever plans to spring on Bridget. Bridget on the other is trying her hardest to demoralize Vinny and turn her friends against her. This time the book deals with bulling and how Monkey solves it. I like what Art does at the end.
  • Blood Moon (Redstone Series #2) on Oct. 02, 2012

    We get to see Nashoga raise a family, take in Buck's son, go into war and fulfill a prophecy. There is also a certain wolf threatening the pack. Tala took longer then I thought she was going to, to accept Buck's son. Just wish I could hear more from the villain side too and see what he was thinking and what his back story is. This book seems to be the calm before the storm, I hope.
  • Age of Aether on Oct. 07, 2012

    A wonder full story. I like the way the author created a whole new world, a “what if world”, that is. With it's own culture and new words that give it a unique flavour. The book felt more of a chronicle then a stand alone. I also like how the other explain things. So we didn't have to ask in the end anything except wonder why it was just one book.
  • How To Take Care of Your Human Pet - An Owner's Guide on Oct. 18, 2012

    A fun manual book that is by told by a tentacle alien (reminds me of “War of The World” aliens). Even if their company does advertise themselves enough and says about the law and warranties more then once. There type of healthy Human is a couch potato or from the pictures that what I see. One could also tell the aliens, maybe this is way the Humans are lazy and sleep longer (But then again I can't read alien time cycles). One wonders why they have Humans as pets if we can be killed by their diseases. From everything that I see and the pictures it seem that it's expensive to keep us. A note to the aliens if some Humans are already in the wild, and if your keeping other aliens as pets. Then sooner or later they will raise up and attack you for keeping them as pets.