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Johnny is a likeable guy. In high school he was friends with the stoners, cowboys and even the glee clubbers. Socially a good listener, he always fit in. He was athletic playing football and racing motorcycles. He never strived to be the center of attention. Yet he always wanted to win, and winning was on his side. He never asked to be molested at the age of 8, but he was. He didn’t know the pictures and slides he was given afterwards was pornography until in his teens. Through the years of growth, triumphs and hardships, porn was always at his disposal. The steady growth of lust matured into his early 30’s. He was not aware of its dominance over him. His life was full, married to his childhood sweet heart. They lived a true story book romance. But Johnny would find himself deep in the grips of a force greater than himself. Only Bonnie his wife knew he had a problem. But she was clueless to the severity. Johnny secretly owned hundreds of xxx videos. Not even Bonnie knew. He visited the strip clubs weekly spending hundreds on lap dances. He mastered the art of self-stimulation taking euphoric pleasure to unknown heights. He could drink all day and into the night and get up and be at work at 6 am. His personal life was in perfect order as his inner battle raged out of control, eventually crashing at the age of 42, ending in rehab. All Johnny’s internal battle with this force created an unusual personality. He views life in a different way than most: a lot of times amusing and sometimes not. Johnny has lived through several life threating situations and dangerous surgeries. Driving hundreds of miles intoxicated, he survived a horrific car accident. Then at the height of his disillusionment, a cop stopped him for not having a front license on his truck. He was several hours drunk, but the cop gave him a fix it ticket and said, “You be sure and drive home safe now!” Not even that free get out of jail pass slowed his thirst for lust. Johnny’s journey through life is truly remarkable. This book is written in every sense possible so that you can experience a life that was…torn by lust.


Torn by Lust
You set the price! Words: 86,320. Language: English. Published: December 2, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Autobiographies & Memoirs
If you stumbled on this book by its cover or title… good, I hope you read it. I believe you will not be disappointed. We cannot read each other’s minds. So I have left mine on these pages. These pages contain the life of extraordinary circumstances that few if any have ever experienced. You will enter the subconscious mind of an ordinary man with an unordinary life hidden from an ordinary world.

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