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I'm Martin Federico Mastrovita Viladrich (to abbreviate M. F. Masvil).
I was born in 1974. I have dual citizenship: Argentina and Italy.
My native language is Spanish but I use English fluently, which is my second language.
I am from the sign of Gemini and according to astrology, I am an intelligent person, with good handling of the word and communication and above all, very curious... and at this point in my life I must accept that I am like that.
Since I was a child I always stood out for my ease in learning and memorizing data, which allowed me to always stand out at school.
I have been raised in the catholic faith, which I profess but I was always attracted to the mysteries of the mind, the limits of science and the paranormal themes.
I learned to play tennis at the age of eight. And I remember it was during those times that I also started writing my first stories.
A few years later I learned computer programming on my own (with fourteen years I wrote my first program listings using pencil and paper... and even before I had my first computer).
Then, to have more time at my beck and call, I completed my secondary school cycle in a free way ending it in only two years (unlike the five years I would have been required to take as a normal student) and then I played tennis professional level, which allowed me to know many countries, mainly in Europe (continent that I love).
Years later and thanks to the growth of the internet, I stood out in the creation and programming of websites with several private projects with which I have done very well.
I never left the sport, I began to practice martial arts (taekwondo) and I became a black belt.
I learned, in those years and with great ease, to draw by hand and to make illustrated stories. I delved, at the same time, in everything related to computer graphics and that opened the doors to the world of digital imaging. I have also published several comics together with other authors in local magazines.
I never abandoned my inclination towards writing and storytelling, mainly because that's where I can turn over my wealth of knowledge and create truly original plots (if there is one thing I would never do is write things that others have already written, the originality of my creations is something fundamental for me).
In the last years I started to write my first saga of novels Remember me of which I have already finished the first installment and I have published it successfully.
I am currently finishing its continuation (project to publish it shortly) and I hope to be even more successful than with the first one.
When this series ends completely, I will write another pair of sagas that I've been sketching and researching for years and that, I'm sure, I'll publish successfully as well.

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Remember Me
Price: $5.99 USD. (Free until June 19!) Words: 130,100. Language: English. Published: May 5, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense
Armony Heart, a young and famous violinist, is sought without respite by a fearsome and powerful corporation. Unknowingly, she is the reincarnation of a woman who kept, in a previous life, a secret of vital importance to them. A dangerous adventure with situations of life or death will begin and a mysterious man will also appear; who remembers his past life with her and he will change, everything.

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