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  • RV Boondocking Tips on July 23, 2010
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    I really enjoy this book. Brian makes things easy to understand while being entertaining. I downloaded the mobi version (kindle) and there are a few things different with it. It does not go into your amazon library. Ok, that is fine. I was trying to figure out how to get it on my other machines. Here's how. 1. go into your document file, winxp or win7. 2. look for your kindle content file. 2. find file, copy , save to jump drive and then paste in the other machines kindle content file. It's worth it to know, amazon's Kindle for PC is free and you can share your stuff across 6 devices. They all have to be registered to the same account, but it's nice to have you're reading favorites no matter where you go. Now don't freak out when you open your kindle file and see a bunch of weird numbers for titles, Brian's comes up with the book title. Though when its in your kindle under author it comes up as Brian... so you had better know the name, if you sort that way. I've become sort of an e-book addict as I can take so much with so little. I have over a thousand books on my external hard drive as well as several hundred on each machine. Many thanks Brian for going this way. I enjoy your wit and intellect. I hope to see more of you. marell
  • RV Boondocking - The Road to the Good Life on July 23, 2010
    (no rating)
    Ditto for this one, see my in depth review on "Boondocking Tips". Hey I'm old, gotta right to only do it once. Great job Brian. marell
  • Horses, Critters, and Other Tales of a Cowboy's life on July 23, 2010
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    I have played with 1st calf heifers, been kicked across a milking parlor by a #$@%$ cow,(later to be beefed) Knocked into a concrete feed trough by a juvenile sneaky bull, fallen off the ass end of an in-silage pit. Brian tells it like it was. I never had to herd cows and all of mine were ton and a half Holsteins. Never out west but the hills of New England. But bovine are bovine, and their temperaments range as much as human. I have no problem believing this even with the"embellishments". Great tales and lots of fun. marell