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Smashwords book reviews by miahay

  • Cornerstone on Nov. 13, 2011

    Nalena Maxwell lives in a house of paper. Living a life cut off from most of the world, and with a mother insistent on adding to the pile with her writings, even the oven is not off limits. It's full of paper. But this paper house is about to come tumbling down. And in a world of school arch-enemies, isolation, dark library trips, and men with shovels, Garrett appears. At first he seems intent on just asking really odd questions above the pages of a novel he reads. But when he saves her life, something else begins. Something fast, and dangerous. Something that threatens their lives. And, as Nalena finds herself thrown into a world she doesn't understand, she must make the hardest choice of all. A times touching, at other times hilarious Cornerstone is a wonderful read! The characters are very real, and even the young children in this book seem to come alive on the page with the author's words. It's such an original story I couldn't put it down. And I am itching to read the next book! Plus there is a first kiss in this book that made me MELT LIKE SOMETHING THAT MELTS REALLY FAST. I cannot possibly begin to convey how much I love this book.