Michael Cody


Mr. Cody was born in Asheville, N.C. and raised in the small town of Macon, Ga.
Music and reading became a passion early in life and led to a lifetime affair with Jazz, Classical, R&B, Funk music and thousands of books!
Now after over 20 years in the live theater, corporate theater and technical direction world, Cody has quite a few stories to tell! A musician, Urban cyclist, car-free enthusiast, foodie and now writer, Michael Cody is weaving tales of adventure, sharing real and almost always humorous stories from his "techie" days, and even throwing in a few ideas about cooking, being an Urbanite and musician!
Cody is writing not only the nonfiction backstory to all that, but action/adventure fiction to boot!
His first book, The Urban Bike, is a personal journey into the joys and challenges of a car-free lifestyle. Filled with tons of advise and wonderful caricature drawings, the book is a fun read even if you don’t own a bike!

Coming soon the next book in the “Urban” catalogue, Urban Foodie!

Where to find Michael Cody online

Website: http://www.dwedop.com
Twitter: @mikecodyauthor
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Wattpad: michaelcody


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