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My parents were from Massachusetts and much of my early memory came from there. I remember green fields and orchards and stone walls on country lanes with the changing colors of fall. But my father worked for the Public Health Service and we moved wherever the Federal Government sent us. We ended in Kansas. Because we moved around, I didn't have lifelong friends and books filled the gap. When I was a kid when I wanted to go somewhere, a book took me there. Science fiction and fantasy stories took me farther into the unknown universe than any other genre.
As I got older and transitioned to regular fiction, or military history, then general history and nonfiction technical reading, there was always an opportunity for the guilty pleasure of science fiction and fantasy. A quick vacation read, or a book to fill a rainy weekend, science fiction and fantasy could wrap me completely in the tale itself, and I would spend my time in someone else’s tale.
I had my own tales I made up. I have been doing that all my life. In the car on the way to work or simply to fill the slow spots, I had my own adventures on distant worlds or alternative universes where I could lose myself.
When computers came along the writing got easier, and old story ideas were pulled from files left in boxes. New stories were dreamt about. There were tales I could write and think about, but still could not afford to share. It cost too much to get published. Some stories I wrote down, some have been lost. With the trend of E-Readers and online books, I can now share these stories with you.

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