Michael Orr


Michael Orr was born in the first year of Gen X and hasn’t let anyone forget it for half a century. He attended UC Irvine during the middle ages (mid-eighties) and eventually stumbled into a surreal landscape of cubicles and flat-white lighting, but in 2014 his ‘inner Moses’ led him out of corporate bondage and into the Soulstice wilderness. Nowadays, finding himself enormously pleased at finally producing a novel, he can sometimes be seen gloating on Denver’s rare interstates riding his dreadfully orange ZX-7R. But living a mile high takes a toll on his sea-level heart, which still pines for the beaches and ice-free highways of his Orange County youth. Currently, Michael’s at work on more Soulstice and dwells amongst his many plants, all of whom are named ‘Robert’.

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