Michael Stamp


I have two art degrees and an MBA. My mind is both creative and analytical; I pay for this mixed bag with my ADD, OCD and other varied and detrimental neurosis. (I’m an INFJ personality type.)

My main hobbies include running, hiking, reading and writing novels. I started writing novels in 1998, but I kept journals long before then. Much of the material is akin to the essays on this site. I read, watch countless documentaries and try to listen to people when they pour their hearts out—everyone has a story, a great story.

Anyway, I wrote these essays for myself, first and foremost. I dearly want all things in life to make sense and the best way to think things through is to write them out in detail and ask a million questions.

The second reason is that people don’t talk about the meaning of life enough. What could be more important? Don’t we all groan and ask why when we see a great wrong? Don’t we all suffer when a crime is committed or a life tragically lost? Don’t we all need love and hope in the most substantial way?

We need to openly question and discuss. We need to dive deep. We need and deserve to discover answers. We deserve the truth.

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