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  • I'm (No Longer) a Mormon: A Confessional on March 28, 2013

    I just finished the book last night, and I could have written it myself. I was incredibly sad for the horrific experiences of the stories you told, and I've never had anything quite that severe happen to me, but it's just been a general abuse heaped upon abuse for me. Not that it's any less severe for me. I clung to "the gospel is true even if the people aren't" for many years. CLUNG to that. It was my mantra. I've looked at "anti" things before, but it didn't sink in, I've questioned for years, but it wasn't time. Finally, the last straw hit me in August of last year. I began searching in earnest. Found out the rabbit hole goes very, very deep. It's been enlightening, and yet the most horrible thing I've ever gone through. Truly the hardest thing I've done in my life. To leave the church. To take off my garments. To tell my husband and family I no longer believe. I sometimes marvel at myself that I've had the strength to do this, and yet... I feel so much free-er, and happy. And my mental anguish is at an all time low. Especially with some major depressive episodes behind me, and my mental health is at it's all time high for the last few years. It's truly the nicest feeling. To drop the guilt trips, to recognize that we are here for this life, to enjoy it to the fullest, to be happy NOW and not have to wait until the eternities. To recognize that ALL humans deserve love and equal rights. To feel good about saying that. To be authentic in my thoughts and actions. To be kind and loving towards all. I enjoyed your book, and I wish you much happiness as you live out the rest of your life free of the shackles that Mormonism gives everyone. The book was very well written, clear and concise and told some very common stories of things that definitely happen in the church. It's lovely to not have to be subject to the Mormon church anymore.