Michele Hauf


Michele has been writing romance, action-adventure and fantasy stories for over nineteen years. Her first published novel was DARK RAPTURE.

France, musketeers, vampires and faeries populate her stories. And if she followed the adage 'write what you know', all her stories would have snow in them. Fortunately, she steps beyond her comfort zone and writes about countries she has never visited and of creatures she has never seen.

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The Truth About Familiars
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 11,600. Language: English. Published: June 27, 2018 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » Short stories
Caratacus Bane, member of the secret hermetic order, The Cadre, was perfectly happy traveling the world in search of the elusive night hound. Until a familiar stumbled across his path and purred her way into his heart.
Familiar Stranger
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 73,640. Language: English. Published: June 27, 2018 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » Action/adventure
Recruited by a secret paranormal organization to hunt demons, Jack Harris's worldview is black-and-white--until he is ordered to follow Mersey Bane, a beautiful woman who is also a familiar with shape-shifting abilities.
Wicked Seduction
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 30,230. Language: English. Published: March 14, 2017 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » Historical » General
Vampire Marcello Sebastiani welcomes a headstrong Englishwoman into his life and gets more than he bargained for. When Jane's past catches up to her Marcello is determined to protect the one thing that has come to mean more to him than his own life. But will he be successful, or will the dark force that seeks Jane have better aim?
The Unforgiven: Athos
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 97,830. Language: English. Published: February 9, 2017 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Historical » General, Fiction » Romance » Action/adventure
Musketeer Arnaud de Sillegue d'Athos is charged with one final mission—to apprehend a dangerous enemy of the king, the Belle Dame Sans Merci.
Hark The Herald Angel Falls
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 16,100. Language: English. Published: November 24, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » Short stories
She may be an angel, but when she's bad, she's very very good at it. Luke loses his wife to vampires—and as a result becomes vampire himself. A year later an angel, looking and acting very much like his wife, returns to earth. In order to earn her halo she must get whoever is holding her to the earthly realm—with true love—to stop loving her.
Moon Kissed
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 69,200. Language: English. Published: October 20, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
Escaping from bloodthirsty vampires, Belladonna Reynolds ran straight into the arms of a werewolf. As a man Severo drew her in with his dark good looks; as a beast he astounded her with his insatiable sensual appetite. Now Bella has taken the form of his most cursed enemy. How could he desire the very thing he'd spent his life destroying?
The Highwayman
Price: Free! Words: 68,970. Language: English. Published: October 8, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
(4.50 from 2 reviews)
The legendary Highwayman has slain scores of demons—but now he must rid himself of the demon inside him. But the Highwayman wasn't prepared for the familiar, a sexy conduit to the demon world, who saw past his darkness and into his heart. The Highwayman needs the familiar to grant him his freedom, and then he will slay her. But how can he destroy the only creature he has desired in centuries?
The Dark's Mistress
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 42,460. Language: English. Published: August 19, 2013 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » Short stories
Beguiled by the devil Himself, her only hope was the vampire who could not love her dark and tainted heart.
Dark Rapture
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 212,960. Language: English. Published: August 21, 2012 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General
Sebastian DelaCourte has lived centuries, always seeking, wondering about the woman who made him vampire. He desires love. He needs blood. Scarlet Rose captures his heart, and promises love—but not without forcing the two to face the twisted fate of time and undying passion.
Cruel Enchantment
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 25,220. Language: English. Published: April 18, 2012 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » Short stories
While investigating the vicious werewolf blood games, vampire Revin Parker struggles with his attraction to the faery informant, Sabrina Kriss. Six months earlier she had cursed him with an addiction to faery dust. Can they risk the desire that demands they fall in love with the one who could become their worst nightmare?
Follow The Night
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 78,630. Language: English. Published: June 15, 2011 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General
Vicomte Gabriel Renan may become vampire if he cannot make it to the full moon without drinking blood. Will the madness that threatens lure him to follow the night? On a quest to rescue her brother, Roxane is distracted by the handsome vicomte, and the reality he may become her greatest enemy should he transform to vampire. They must trust one another to win the battle between good and evil.
The Sin Eater's Promise
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 8,180. Language: English. Published: January 7, 2011 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General
Let the battle for souls begin. Sin eater, Desdenova Fleetwood dreamed of falling in love—but knew it could never happen to her. When the mysterious soul bringer, Blackthorn Regis, demands she give up her livelihood, the two question their very reason for living—and loving.
My Lady Madness
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 87,770. Language: English. Published: September 24, 2010 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » General
France, 1745: Louis de Lavarac, a soldier devasted by the blood he has spilled for the French king, is enchanted by the mysterious yet haunted Sabine Bassange. Rumors tell her striking eyes hide a painful secret, and some say she is touched by madness. Louis desperately hopes that with his love he can free her from the shadows, heal his shattered heart, and bind them together in eternal ecstasy.
Wicked Angels
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 91,840. Language: English. Published: January 16, 2010 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » General
(5.00 from 1 review)
The desire for knowledge draws Scarlet Rose to the dark side as she plunges deeper into the decadent world of vampirism—with or without her lover, Sebastian DelaCourte's approval. Wicked Angels twines medieval Spain, 18th Century Venice, and contemporary Los Angeles in an intriguing, fast-paced tale of love, betrayal, and the search for answers to a darkness that never ends.