Midara B

Smashwords book reviews by Midara B

  • The Cupid Gang on July 06, 2019

    Gorgeously erotic, intelligent, and fun... I love that Madison accepted the evidence of her senses, embraced the opportunity, and submitted herself to what was happening instead of freaking out (which would have been a totally logical reaction, too). (And I loved the roomie's "punishment," too.) My only regret is that the story wasn't longer! Now then... apples, grapes, roses, wine... looks like I've got some shopping to do... ;)
  • Gangbanged by Her Werewolf Brothers on April 23, 2021

    Unbelievably hot, naughty, and bestial. More please!
  • Werecake on July 02, 2023

    Deliciously sexy and utterly adorable!