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Smashwords book reviews by midnightmoon

  • Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish (A Free Short Story) on July 07, 2011

    This tale is presently available as a free download. It is a short story at just under 9,000 words and demonstrates the author's adaptability in expertly penning a tremendous variety of style in his fictional works. It introduces readers to the very dapper Inspector Zhang of Singapore Police. Together with his sidekick Sergeant Lee, the narrative has the Inspector leading his sergeant through his very carefully deliberated thought processes in solving the murder of a businessman in a five star hotel - a crime that is very rare in Singapore. I have read almost all of Stephen Leather's work and Inspector Zhang is very different from his previous work. The main character has a very gentle feel to him. The author demonstrates the ability to please aficionados of serial killer fiction with work such as The Basement: serial killer thriller with a breathtaking twist; crime/action thrillers with the Dan Shepherd series - the next in the series Fair Game (The 8th Spider Shepherd Thriller) is due out at the end of July; vampire tales with Once Bitten: a thriller with bite and the Inspector Zhang stories will certainly suit those of a gentler disposition! I see Stephen has now produced more tales about Inspector Zhang - it's a character I'm going to look forward to following! If you're looking for a short, fairly gentle crime tale, this will definitely suit you.