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  • Moving On on Oct. 03, 2010

    Nothing more to add to the above review by B.B., it's pretty acurate. I don't usually enjoy sub/dom stories, but this one it really engaged me.
  • Out of Tune on March 10, 2011

    I enjoy a lot Fabian Black's writing style and themes, so in that sense, this book is not a disappointment. However, this time the author has chosen a more ambitious topic, something which could been have developed into a more complex story but it's not fully realised, maybe because of the length of the novel. The end came too soon, just when I was getting really interested. Anyway, a pleasant read.
  • Coming Out in Coopers Crossing on April 15, 2011

    I really enjoyed this one, even if the Aussie slang was a bit difficult. The real main character here was the town and I have to congratulate the author, she managed wonderfully to convey its sense of place. Then, this story is about how two truly ordinary people get together - a rarity in romances, let alone m/m romances . So, a very satisfying read, I am looking forward to read more from this author.