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Mihir Kamat is the first time author of “At First Sight”. He isn’t really new to writing, being an avid blogger who dabbles in fiction, poetry and song writing. He currently lives in Ohio, USA.

Mihir’s first tryst with writing began in 2005 when he discovered a friend’s weblog (now blog), and fell in love with the concept of writing his innermost thoughts and the joy of being read. He added poetry and song writing to his arsenal as thousands of readers kept on flocking in. He has over 2500 followers on his personal blog site.

Work on his first book, At First Sight, began in late 2013 as a collection of short stories he’d written over the years. These stories were close to his heart and deserved to be compiled together for the world to read. He self published At First Sight under his own banner, Mihir Kamat Books. The book has sold over a hundred copies in 2 months and has generated multiple 5 star reviews on GoodReads.

Mihir is currently working on a couple of book projects and expects to have one of them completed and released in mid 2015.

Mihir loves reading mystery and thriller novels and cooking on weekends. He owns and has read over a hundred books and can get hooked to a good book instantly.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I first started writing in 2005, when I discovered a friend's blog and instantly fell in love with the simplicity of the idea that there are readers out there who love to read your work. I started my own blog with short stories and then added poetry and song-writing to the mix.The blog picked up very slowly but with time I now have over 2600 followers.

Work on my first book, "At First Sight" began in early 2013, wherein I compiled a bunch of short stories I'd written on my blog and began to hone and polish them to be publisher worthy. It's been a great learning curve since I wrote my first words in 2005.
What is your writing process?
I don't follow a rigid writing process, especially since I prefer to write on an ad hoc basis whenever inspiration strikes. I start with a main character, and add characters as and when they make sense to the plot. The main plot itself begins at the end (of what the main character needs to achieve or prevent), and then I begin to build up a story around the main plot to a point that actually makes sense. It's harder writing it this way but it works since the finished product is extremely focused and does not contain too many flowery details.

I constantly edit my stories, or chapters, so what my story ends up like is never same (not even close!) as the one I wrote to begin with. I go for at least four editing rounds on each chapter myself, before I get another pair of eyes on the story.
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