Smashwords book reviews by Mike

  • The Titans on Oct. 30, 2014

    Although this has an adult rating, I kept thinking that is written for a very young audience. As a child, I would have disliked it because the characters are so unlikeable and unexceptional to my childish imagination. As an adult I found it tediously insignificant because of the mundane narrative doing nothing interesting on the way to a predictable end. The juvenile level of journalising uninteresting events in laborious detail is asking too much tolerance of the reader. I can understand why a prospective publisher would have wanted changes. Make it a child's book and some unlucky children may be inveigled into innocently reading it, thinking that this is what literature is. Heaven knows, I did it often enough as a naive youngster. The author may be flattered to know that I associated this thought with "Catcher in the Rye" - which was a particularly empty experience for me - but others have apparently found it worthy of praise. Inevitably, someone will enjoy this book - but I doubt that they will be high-volume readers of good quality story-telling. Sorry, Alex, one star for completion.
  • Fedw on Oct. 30, 2014

    Some beautiful poems here! While it's tempting to itemise each one and elaborate, I'll take the quick way out and generalise, inserting a few exceptions. I don't think the "gritty language" writes were handled very well, apart from "Verbulasult" which is excellent. The other "crude" compositions were just that. I could read these poems often enough to want to keep a copy of the book. In particular, I would like to be reminded of "Describing colours to a blind man", "Crumpled" and "He makes sailing ships". Difficult to decide which is my favourite amongst this trio. Most of the others are readable to very good. Well worth the time taken to read and digest these.