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Miles lives with his lovely wife, Lynne along with two teenage children, Brennen and Anneliese and Purple, the cat. He currently works as a veterinarian living in the mountains of North Carolina. Miles is passionate about relationship – not just the interrelationships we share as human beings, and not only in regard to the ways in which we relate to our animal companions, but in reference as well to a subtlety of relationship that is as intangible as it is incredible.
Miles shares this: “As a young man I had succeeded in most every way, and yet my life proved less fulfilling than anticipated. A key element was missing in how I related to everyone and everything in my life, a quality of living that I lost touch with as a child. I chose to make my life about learning how to best integrate this quality of unconditional love into my ordinary moments, and I find that even the mundane can be exciting and challenging as ‘the unseen’ and ‘the intangible’ move more to the forefront of my awareness in teaching me a better way. One of the ways that Love reached out to me was through writing. Life became a healing journey and I continue to write because there seems no end to the wonder I am being shown.”
Miles enjoys spending time in the natural world – siting by a quiet steam, hiking, camping or taking pictures. It was during these times spent in nature that he first began to realize that he had lost something precious somewhere along the way in life. “I had acquired most everything a man could want in life,” Miles writes, “and yet, I felt unfulfilled inside. I realized that I was very uncomfortable inside me. I began to put aside, one by one, the behaviors that I had used to keep me busy in distraction so that I didn't have to admit how I felt. I came to know that this inner world of feeling was something I need not fear. I discovered that I could move past my insecurities into an inner state of self-acceptance and interconnection with the world around me. I wrote this book to share with others, through analogy and symbolism, something of my ongoing journey of transcendence of fear. It is my sincerest desire that others will find hope, adventure, and inspiration within the pages of ‘A Book Like No Other’.”

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in the southern United States deeply linked with the land, the wilds, the life in nature. My bedroom was like a nature sanctuary filled with every sort of plant and animal life; I couldn't bear to be far from what I encountered in the forest. It was ecstasy for me in that moment when I discovered a new patch of woodlands to explore. Nature was a means through which I accessed a source of benevolence that was in me all along. But at a fairly young age I turned away and began to look to the world of people to inform me of my worth. I would come to learn that this wasn't a wise course of action. Years later as an adult I returned to nature to find that lost sense of myself, a more authentic sense of me. I am still in process, still learning, still coming to an ever more compassionate view of myself and the world around me. So much of the unseen world around me is becoming apparent. I had ignored so much in arriving at mistaken conclusions over the course of my life. The truth is truly stranger than fiction - it is magnificent and magical. I am exploring this through the avenue of my book. I heartily invite you to join me.
When did you first start writing?
As a young boy I was fascinated with the heroics of warfare. I began writing and illustrating my own war comic books while still in elementary school. The theme of the tragic hero rose to the top and found its way into short stories and novelettes that I wrote in high school. I had noticed that society depended heavily upon its heroes for hope and inspiration but I was bothered by the toll exacted upon the heroes themselves. I sensed that there was much more to this business of heroics than meets the eye. Without realizing this, I began looking for the missing elements that I sensed were inherent to the process of mastering life heroically. By this I refer to a person growing to maturity in such a way that it shows in the results they experience in and through their lives. I mean as well that they are able to demonstrate an 'everyone wins perspective' that is inspiring for some and confronting for others.

I came to realize that many of us bear unseen wounds; we've accepted misconceptions that limit us, that make us easily controlled; we strive to fit in while denying just how out of place we truly feel. We wander a wilderness of quiet desperation wondering at why we are here, at what we are meant for. We pretend so long and so hard that we even convince ourselves. We allow the misguided to lead us when we are meant to show the way to the truth of ourselves. We are so much more than we dare to imagine.

"Imagine," taught the sages of old, "that you are an eagle sent down among a flock of eagles who believe that they are turkeys, scratching about in the brambles for meager fare. Imagine how it must break your eagle heart to join them in their misconceptions instead of waking them to their potential to soar. Imagine how it must cause your heart to soar to unknown heights to remember what you are! You are the eagle who has no upward limits! You have seen what lowliness holds, now fly and experience yourself as you are meant to be!"

It is my hope that 'A Book Like No Other' will go beyond platitudes and pep talks. I hope to make this a journey for the reader into a realm of unfolding 'upliftment' into the heights of authentic experience of oneself.
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