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  • Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church: Questions on Aug. 23, 2012

    What a pertinent and timely piece of work! Voters have to have the courage and wisdom to determine the intellectual, rather than the emotional, basis of their fears. In doing so, they have to imagine what each candidate will do when the next environmental, economic or political crisis occurs. It clearly defines the prime element of good citizenship. We have seen how the incumbent has handled environmental, economic and political crises (especially those of foreign nature) so it suggests questions that one should contemplate about the other major contender. Having done that, it then necessarily demands that the voter do what usually has never been done before, consider an alternative vote for a third party candidate. This one book could, if read by every voter before entering the polling booth, make for the most surprising upset for both major parties this country has ever seen. It should be read by every voter in America.
  • Target Iran: Drawing Red Lines in the Sand on Sep. 14, 2012
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    A must read for anyone who is concerned for the future of our country as well as for the multitudes of innocents in the Middle East. The warring factions of several nations including the United States are clamoring to engage Iran. It would be a tragic mistake based on ignorance and unwarranted hostility of some elite politicians and their think-tank friends, who incidentally spend most of their time "thinking" of ways to go to war. Remember Iraq? In his closing statement, Mr. Cox offers a profound view of the situation and pleads for citizen involvement; "War is not inevitable. Peace is still possible, but time is short and the moment for courage and wisdom is now".