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  • Throttle Kickdown on Oct. 12, 2013
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    This book disappointed me... I LOVE the previous installments, and Lanphear is a great writer, but my favorite thing about this series is Rika and Jason's love story, which was completely absent in this book. There was a lot of action, but it felt too much. It was too hectic, and the Rika and Jason's moment I had been waiting for never came. During most of the story, they weren't even together... :( I do understand that this book wasn't about them, but about the truth about their family and origins.I just wish there had been more of Rika and Jason in it because Lanphear did an amazing job of making me love that couple. Anyway, it was still a good read, but not what I had hoped for. Can't wait for the next book! (and I hope that this time, there will be a lot more of Jason & Rika)