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Smashwords book reviews by millypre

  • The Curse Girl on May 11, 2012
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    When I started reading this book I thought it was just a simple review of the history of Beauty and the Beast, one of those books when, before reading, you realize that you know exactly what is going to happen. But I must say that, surprisingly, in the end it has proved to be better than I thought. The writing is simple and linear, maybe a bit 'too fast in some points, but nothing heavy or dull. the story is a constant succession of events that leave you for a moment, speechless. and just when you're going to say: "Uh, I remember this part of history," immediately, something happens that makes you think "What now?" I loved this book not only because the Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite stories, or because Will is fantastic (yes, I love the grumpy types that eventually prove to be sweet and romantic), but also because it was able to introduce new elements in the story, without spoiling the storyline. In summary, I believe, that now, this book has become one of my favorites.