Daniel Blair Dundee


Daniel has been all around the world, at least 20,000 times, and spent so much time reading he thought he'd try his hand at authoring. He wasn't always happy with the books he read so he wanted to improve on some of what was out there. His first book, MINOS, won a POL Books prize of $5000 and a flight to Seattle (with endless perks) for the reception and launched him to fame and glory. He's agreed to present MINOS here on Smashwords free for a short time as part of the July promotion and will keep it on as a 'Set your own price' ebook into the foreseeable future. Daniel thinks this is the greatest marketing maneuver ever and thinks everyone should be able to have his book free if that's what they think it's worth. If they get the tremendous enjoyment out of the book that he did writing it then they can pay if they want to. What could be a fairer way than that to do business?


You set the price! Words: 290,610. Language: English. Published: May 3, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Historical » General
Follow Minos and his descendants, the kings of the island of Crete, as they lead the Minoan civilization out of Neolithic times to an age of discovery, enlightenment, scientific knowledge, industrialization, and enterprise. Their saga takes them around the Mediterranean and influences surrounding civilizations. You will wonder, and will learn, why we didn't have the 20th Century 3000 years ago.

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