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Miranda Birch is a mature English lady who writes tales of dominance and submission for the discerning adult. She is a firm believer in female supremacy. She has been writing for many years. Her discovery of Amazon Kindle gave her the idea and the opportunity to find an audience for her work. She now publishes on many other platforms as well, including Smashwords, Nook (Barnes & Noble), Kobo, iBooks (Apple) and Google Play.

Her stories are all female domination (femdom), and of various types:
Hard -- just what is says on the box!
Domestic -- rather less severe;
Romantic -- femdom with a much softer edge;
Frilly -- explores the world of forced feminisation, sometimes soft, sometimes hard.
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White Collar Crime, Slave Collar Punishment
A young man caught defrauding his firm by his older female boss thinks he has chosen the soft option when she offers to deal with his crime herself rather than calling in the police. But all too soon he is forced to revise his opinion. The young fraudster is soon stripped naked and feeling the first lashes from the whip of this dominant, mature female! He has never been to prison, but could it be any worse than this?
The Soft Option
Price: Free!
Worse Than Prison
Price: $2.99 USD.
No Escape
Price: $2.99 USD.
Deadlier Than The Male
Linda and Natalie, two well-off young women, have a hobby. An unusual hobby. They kidnap and enslave men — for fun! Once in their power, their helpless victims soon learn to submit and obey — or else! All men beware! These two strict bitches are — deadlier than the male!
Privately Punished
Robert Manning has been caught shoplifting in a large department store. He is confronted with the evidence by the Chairwoman of the company, a Miss Celia Smithers. Facing ruin, he agrees to the conditions she lays down. That is, he will consent to be punished by her as an alternative to being punished by the Law. And he duly signs a consent form. Celia Smithers' first move is to impress her new authority over Robert Manning by caning him in her office, assisted by her young blonde secretary Sophie. But this is only the beginning! He has signed up for SIX WEEKS of such corrective servitude!
Husband Trainers
Ladies, is your husband become a blessed nuisance? Send that mischief-making man in your life to us for a complete marriage make-over -- satisfaction guaranteed! Because femdom marriage guidance is the BEST marriage guidance!
Gynocracy Park
Somewhere in England, there is an amusement park... an amusement park entirely staffed by naked male slaves! An amusement park where the rides are human ponies! An amusement park strictly for the dominant female only!
The Stepford Maids
Young man after young man transformed into a sissy maid -- where will it end?!
Mrs Johnston's Manor
A young man answers a job ad., and finds himself in a strange world behind high wall where service way beyond the usual is expected and required of the 'staff'. The Mistress of the house is indeed Mistress of all she surveys; and the staff must serve her in all sorts of bizarre ways...
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