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Tovi Browning is a graduate osteopath and naturopath of the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. She completed post graduate studies in cranial osteopathy. Throughout her years of study she was passionately searching for the true meaning of holism. This search led her to explore, experience and train in various bodymind therapies, and ultimately develop a whole and unique approach to healing and life known as “The Power of Softness - Holistic Pulsing”.

Tovi Browning’s International Training School for Holistic Pulsing was established in 1999. The Centre trains practitioners and teachers of the system, and is a powerful source for personal growth and self-discovery for all. Among its many functions the Centre carries out research, as well as providing voluntary projects and free treatments to needy groups. The Centre continues to develop new techniques and approaches for various specific needs.

Tovi Browning is the author of several books, including a book titled "Holistic Pulsing - The Power of Softness", and is also the writer of many articles.

Smashwords Interview

What was the process like for you, of writing Femophobia?
It took seven years for me to write this book, and it's not at all what I had planned! My previous book took about a year or so to write, and I had figured on the same here give or take a little. But when l got to the end of the book and started reading it from the beginning, it would change right through. Each time I read it, it would morph yet again. It did so over and over, until I got what was going on. I had started one book around eating disorders, but in fact another book wanted to be born. In the beginning, the Feminine was nowhere to be seen. Indeed she was so obscure, it took me several rounds to decipher her arising like a figure out of clay, like a phoenix from the ashes. Then I realized this is what the book is about – about our inability to see her, the one who nurtures life so quietly and devotedly.
What do you think of Femophobia as a book?
It is not an easy book, but a challenging one. I didn’t think I would be applauded, so I am surprised at the positive response. There are many risky topics in the book, but that’s my nature – I take risks. I am tired of blame-based literature. Blaming men places the power in their hands. But that doesn’t mean that women are to blame, nor are they victims. Victimhood dogma merely induces further anger and is disempowering.
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The Power of Softness
Price: $24.99 USD. Words: 128,780. Language: English. Published: August 1, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Alternative therapies
The Power of Softness is a holistic healing technique and life approach life that is beneficial at any age and for any condition – to improve health, to heal physical or psychological problems, to enhance relationships, to permit self-discovery, and to better the quality of life on every level. It is extremely effective for the treatment of children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those in need.
Femophobia: How Women Have Become Men - On the Fear of Fat, Fear of the Feminine and the Collapse of Society
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 86,550. Language: English. Published: January 1, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Social Science » Gender studies
This book gives us tools for a real change. The Feminine is dying. Unless we awaken to this, so may we: eating disorders; broken relationships; our attraction to control and hardness; the speed of our life and its price; women’s hostility towards their bodies; our fear of feelings; epidemic addictions... It is crucial that we allow the Feminine back into our lives, to restore our lost balance.