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  • Hush Money (Talent Chronicles) on Sep. 30, 2010
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    Hush Money was a very engrossing read. After a long time, I read an original urban fantasy. There were no vampires, no werewolves or any other popular fantasy creatures. On the other hand, there were people with superpowers..something I haven't read about before. I was addicted to the TV show Heroes and needless, to say, Hush Money was the perfect book for me. I loved everything about Hush Money. The plot was fast paced, compelling and kept me at the edge-of-seat. There was lots of nonstop action. I didn't have a chance to get bored! The writing style was great and the character development was very well-done. I liked how as the story unfolded, we get to know the characters more deeply. I really liked the fact that the story has been told from Dylan and Joss's perspective. It helped me understand both their perspectives and interpretations. Their relationship has been depicted really well.Both of them were likeable characters. I especially liked Joss. She was so relatable and also a kick-ass heroine - something we don't get a lot of , in YA fantasy novels where more often than not, the heroine is annoying and whiny. What made Hush Money even more captivating was the suspense/mystery element. It kept me awake at night. The book has everything that makes a novel worthwhile for me - lots of nonstop action and excitement, a bit of romance and a great heroine. Hush Money grabbed me from the first page and by the time I reached the end, I was craving for more. I look forward to the other books in the series. Overall: A great YA fiction with a dash of originality and a unique concept. Recommended? YES! To all those who love superheroes and want to read a great fantasy novel.
  • Haunting Miss Trentwood on Oct. 31, 2010

    Belinda Kroll describes herself as writer of "quirky historical fiction". I totally agree. I love historical fiction and I have read a lot of it. But I have never read a historical fiction like this one. There is romance, suspense, humour,drama and even the supernatural. Infact it reminded me a lot of Victoria Holt books which I devoured as a 16 year old. The character development was great. You can't help but like Mary Trentwood. She is brave and has a great sense of humour. Alexander Hartwell is so different from the usual "sexy mysterious " heroes. I instantly liked him. The scenes and dialogues between him and Mary are very enjoyable. Add to that , the ghost of Mr Trentwood whose one-liners created several laugh-out loud moments. Then there is the whole suspense angle to the story...There is so much happening in every page you turn, that you can't wait to see what happens next. Despite all the humour and mystery, there is still more depth to the story. Losing a parent is one of the hardest things to cope with. I think this book has captured that well , but with a twist. This was a perfect Halloween read for me!
  • My Sparkling Misfortune (The Lakeland Knight series, #1) on March 15, 2011

    My Sparkling Misfortune is a story spinning around the self-proclaimed villain, Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle. After being backstabbed by the not-so-honorable wannabe hero, Prince Kellemar, Lord Arkus is now putting his villainous mind to work to think about a deserving revenge for Prince Kellemar. But the first and the most crucial step of the plan goes disastrously wrong as he captures a Sparkling (a good spirit) instead of a Gormack (an evil spirit). For Arkus, the only good in having a sparkling as his servant for five years is that now he is seemingly safe from the monster who has been trying to kill him for many years. But as he soon finds out it is a bit difficult to be evil with a sparkling around who is bent in making him good. When I first heard the title, My Sparkling Misfortune I had no idea what to make of it. But the book won me over just after its first page. The first page alone showed the villainous intents of Lord Arkus. According to the set belief, villains are to hated and detested but as hard as I tried I couldn’t come even near to hating Lord Arkus. He may proclaim to anyone and everyone that he is a villain from heart and soul but as we read on we realize that he may take pride in being in being a villain but he has nothing evil in him. Arkus’s sarcastic and humorous narrative will send the readers into peals of laughter. Jarvis, the sparkling, too adds to the entertainment factor with his sense of humour. It seems that Jarvis’s sole occupation is to bring out the good in his master, Lord Arkus by preventing him from spending his days in ‘scheming, plotting, attacking, invading, killing, plundering, kidnapping, collecting ransom and having other types of fun’. So, what does it matter if Jarvis gets a little fun out of it by sending Arkus into fits of anger? Many of the previous books I have read have humour which seemed forced, as if the author was trying to make the readers laugh but was failing miserably. But while reading My Sparkling Misfortune, I never got such a feeling. The humour came naturally. The narrative is entertaining which would keep the readers hooked to the book. Arkus’s not-so-villainous character is both lovable and adorable. By the end of the book it seemed that I had unconsciously decided to support him even if he did something evil. The situation that Lord Arkus finds himself in is hilarious. Instead of catching an evil gormack to aid him in his evil plans he catches a sparkling named ‘Tulip’ (understandably Arkus changes his name to Jarvis, after all which villain would like to have a servant named Tulip), who wants to turn him into a noble and honorable person. The greatest irony in the story was when Arkus unknowingly saves the princess he had planned to kidnap and is hailed as the heroic ‘Lakeland Knight’. Another thing that made the book more interesting to read are the beautiful illustrations at the end of each chapter. The illustrations not only made the characters more alive, they made it easier to visualise the characters. My Sparkling Misfortune with all its humor also sends out a message about how easily we judge a person’s character without even knowing them properly. We generally distribute people into the good and the bad, forgetting that every person has their grey shades. Even the so-called good people sometimes act quite opposite to the popular conception of their characters. My Sparkling Misfortune is funny and even gives out a good message. It definitely deserves a place in the must read lists of all fantasy enthusiasts. Overall: Entertaining, hilarious and now, one of my favorites Recommended? Yes, to all middle graders and also, to all fantasy lovers.