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I am one of those chosen few who contend with an imagination too big to bind with reality. Sometimes I think my mind is more real than a professor droning on about "retroflexes" and "dipthongs." Yet even with no limit of ideas, I have found a terrible loathing to actually write--my brain just does not work chronologically. I have complete outlines, character bios, titles, etc for more than five series but can't quite seem to put a dent in writing even one book. Someday, I hope, I'll get to publish it!

Smashwords book reviews by Melissa K

  • After the Dimensions on Oct. 24, 2012
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    While the plot of this book, compared to the others in the series, seemed to be a mash of smaller novellas, I honestly believe that this is my favorite out of all. Nielsen has come a long way in developing the characters, especially Alric, who I felt was a little too good and patient in the previous ones. I loved how I could start sobbing on one page and laughing the next. This was a definite roller-coaster ride!