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  • Don't Hate the Player...Hate the Game on May 07, 2013

    This was a total tear jerker. I think i consistently cried throughout the book, whether it was from sadness, heartache, or sweetness. Haven't read a young adult novel in a while but this one was definitely worth the brief separation from new adult. I had a feeling from the teasers that Katie Ashley had been posting prior to its release that I was going to like it and boy did it not disappoint. You embark on a journey through the eyes of a teenage and witness them deal with death and learn how to survive the best way possible. Noah's quirky side thoughts always made me burst out laughing in mid scene. It touches on a difficult topic among many other difficult topics (hence the non stop tearing and crying). I felt for every single one of the characters, every single one. Noah, Jake, Maddie, Maggie, Mrs. Nelson, Joe, Josh, Johnathan and Jason and even Presley at the end. The notebook scene was so precious. You can only hope that things like that actually happen in real life. My Favourite Moments 1. The Notebook 2. The Epic Gesture 3. Ms. Mini Me 4. "Oh Hell No" right before Emma's birth 5. Long Time Coming - Oliver James ( that's a personal moment for me, but to see one of my fav songs that is relatively unknown made my heart soar) Congratulations Katie Ashely - you did it again!(