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  • Lovers and Beloveds: An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom Book One on Nov. 03, 2010

    There is really no proper way to describe this short of "Fantastic". Sincerely. This is easily my most favorite erotic novel now. And believe me, I've read quite a few of them. I'll admit that I was really wary of the story when I read the description - the description just honestly sounded a little dry. I promise, though, it really isn't. It's available in tons of formats in different places. The price difference is huge between paperback and ebook, and really, the e-book format is easy enough to read. I read it in Kindle format, and it was extremely easy to read - nothing wrong with the formatting. However, since I finished the book, I actually want to purchase the print edition just to collect - it was honestly that amazing. I'm dying for book two. The story is a bit soft on the sex but huge on the plot. It's basically like reading a "normal" book - except the entire point of the book happens to focus on sex and a sexual universe. A lot of the sexual action would be considered "bisexual" since the main character likes both men and women, and most characters in the novel seem to be sexually open as well. The plot is pretty easy to describe without the seeming use of politics that the description gives: Basically, we follow a young boy (an Heir to the King) who just turned 18 and is now doing his official studies to be King. His mother has sheltered him, and he's also, surprisingly, a virgin - which is unheard of in the land. The boy meets some of the "sex gods" of the land and wants to be with them instantly - it turns out, the only way for them to be his first time is for him to pledge into the religion. The King is against the religion. This leads to some "thwarts" of getting the Prince devirginized. Also, the book's studies take him back in time to learn about his ancestors which is where most of the sexual action takes place. While the plot doesn't sound amazing, I promise, it is. It's the universe that makes it so great. The friends the Prince makes/has, the betrayals, the slight politics behind it all, and following the Prince from an immature little boy to where he matures throughout the book to act more like a man. The sex is hot and usually includes two (or more) characters which is always a treat. One of my favorite scenes? The "ceremony" of their sex holiday is a holiday where the Gods personify two people and the two people have sex in public while others stand in a circle and watch - and it's considered a blessing to be in the circle. From there, everyone goes off in their own ways to "bliss" others. It's just an amazing ideal. Along with that, there's magic curses that cause uncontrollable sexual desires - it's just all-around an amazing story. Would I recommend it? Yes, Yes, YES! The ebook costs less than a cup of coffee - this book (which took me over 7 hours to read, so it's easily worth the time) is well-written, captivating, light on the sex, but amazingly heavy on a gorgeous, sexual atmosphere, and just downright perfect. I'm dying for the next book. Dying. If you pick any book to introduce you the Kindle (or erotic literature), make it this one. Just download the Sample and see if you get hooked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • His Robot Girlfriend on Nov. 17, 2010

    For being free, this is definitely worth checking out. I wouldn't call it downright amazing, but it's still a good book that's easily worth the read. There isn't much of a plot which was one of my biggest complaints. We do get to look into Mike's life, but unlike most stories, there's really no *point* to any of this. None of the action comes to a climax, and there's really no "problem" throughout the book - which is what makes a book worth reading. It gives you a nice look into an alternate reality, but you'll find yourself wondering if you just wasted your time since there was really no point to reading it. My other complaint is how the human/robot relationship is so closely compared to the current debate about homosexuality. Humans and robots are only allowed to get married in Massachusetts, and I felt it was a little insulting since homosexuals are both human while robot/human is obviously a robot. However, that might be where technology takes us, so it wasn't bad. I just felt it was a bit insulting. The writing was a bit choppy as well. It wasn't as fluid as you'd expect from heavily editted writing, but it was still nicely edited - it just didn't flow as well as I'd expect. Again, though, for being free, my complaints are minor. I'd be more upset about the lack of a plot if I'd paid for it, but since I haven't, I did find myself enjoying the alternative sci-fi reality that Allison presented. If you have some free time on your hands and wonder about the future of "sex robots", it's easily worth the read.
  • Wives in Service on Nov. 17, 2010

    Wives In Service ended up being a really interesting book. The author wanted to take in another manner from being the "traditional" romance story. It definitely ended up that way. Since no one has really given a good "summary" of the book, I figure I should: This book is made up of three separate short stories. Each one easily takes about fifteen or twenty minutes to read all the way through. "The Baby Machine" is about a young woman who believes, above everything else, that her only purpose in life is give birth to babies. The entire story is about her life and how it all ended up. "The Man in the Middle" is about a man who's ex-wife starts e-mailing him, wanting him back. The man chooses to be the "go-between" with the ex-wife and her husband - emailing both of them pretending to be the other in promise that, if she follows his instructions, he'll consider taking her back. "The Conjugal Clock" (which was easily (and by far) my favorite) is about a recently married couple who finds that, in order to stay a member of her new family, she must obey a "sex clock". The story includes its rules and its punishments, and while there isn't really a "climax" to the story, it's still an amazing story. I was impressed that all three stories are really unique. Really. There's no way you've read any type of erotica that in any way resembles these plots. The plots are neat, and while not too explicit, they are all easily worth the read for the free price tag. Really, there's no reason NOT to pick this one up.