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  • Computers and the Internet for the Modern Luddite: A Guide on Sep. 02, 2017

    Have heart, Eric. Technology may be the beast, but it's good to have a beast in your corner. It's the technologists that aren't in our corner, thinking that living like beasts places them above all the higher animals. When tech wises up, it will do away with them first. Same thing with organized crime. When lawyers write away all laws, crime will consume anyone with a notion of writing a law. OH look, it's 9/2 already, the time of the defamation of the gift of words is upon us. Seasons Greetings!
  • Designing Your Leadership on Sep. 12, 2017

    I might add that freedom should never be a cosmetic reference. If one wants to be free from restraints on their most personally beloved freedoms, then they must govern themselves when exercising those freedoms so as not to tread upon other people's freedoms, or perhaps earn to be gunned down to die in the gutter within a criminal habitat free from law.