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Mitch Egan Slate wrote his first book at the age of 4, one Sunday morning in Church, somewhere between the opening hymn and benediction. His mother gave him a pen and pencil to keep him quiet and occupied so he wrote his first novel on the back of a Church bulletin about “Hunting with Uncle Dick”. 54 years later, he wrote his second book, “Dying’s Not What it’s Cracked Up to Be!” followed by “The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reservoir” several months later.
Born in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, the most influential person (other than his grandmother with her three-tailed strap) was his grandfather, whom he learned gardening, fishing, hunting white-tailed deer and every swear word known to the English language. Mitch still returns to his grandfather's 200+ acre family estate in the mountains to relish in fond memories. The admiration for his grandfather can easily be felt in all of Mitch’s books, sans the cussing.
Since moving to northeast Florida many years ago, he now has time to put some of his thoughts down on paper as he did sitting next to his stern faced mother in Church. Contemplating whether or not he should risk tarnishing his image by showing a side of himself that no one who knows him would expect, Mitch came to the conclusion that if Shakespeare could become a success by writing about taming shrews, he surely has a chance too.
Mitch has an A.S. degree in Biological Sciences from Orange County Community College; a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University and a Baking Science and Technology Degree from The American Institute of Baking.
Mitch worked in the Baking Industry for 20+ years; at one point owning his own French style bakery in Williamsburg, Virginia. He now works in a Pet Sitting business that his wife owns. He remains content by fishing the waters of St. Augustine, Florida and raising English style Labrador Retrievers.
Mitch does most of his writing while driving down the road, or when he wakes up in the middle of the night with a new thought. He believes that writing isn't something you can just merely schedule yourself to do; it can’t be forced, even if you have a deadline to meet. Before you can sit down behind a computer and start hitting the keyboard, you must wait for the inspiration to come first.
The idea for "Brother, Forgive Them" has been rattling around Mitch’s head for many years. Some who know him worry that God may not like how Mitch wrote this story line; that God and others may be offended. It is not the intent to offend anyone; well, maybe just a few. It is intended to make you look at things in a different way and consider all possibilities. Mitch is confident that he will still be allowed through the Pearly Gates without having to face Judge God.
The only following Mitch has had so far are those behind him while waiting for the train to pass and the railroad crossing arms to go up. Even though it would be rewarding to have a following all across the globe and add to his bank account, that is not Mitch's purpose for writing. He is content to write books that he hopes to become satisfied and happy with.

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