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Smashwords book reviews by mizan khan

  • The Snakebite Argument on Sep. 10, 2017

    A very informative book, both about the reptiles and about the different types of venom and their needed treatment.
  • 100 Number Count Crosswords on Sep. 10, 2017

    A big fan of the megas. Have done some of them twice over the years.
  • Abused The Recovery on Sep. 10, 2017

    Great tool for motivating change and acceptance.
  • For The Love of a Widow on Sep. 10, 2017

    This is much more than just a romance it's about two people that have suffered heartbreak, loss and need to heal and find each other.
  • Mason Wilson and the Dead Bird Debacle on Sep. 10, 2017

    This book was such a great read! A real witty story inspired by some other great books I've read. The main question in the story is asked by a 12-year old named Mason: Where do dead birds go? A great read for anyone!