Rosa Tilley

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  • Mangled Hearts on July 31, 2013

    Wow, when I first started reading this book-- it brought to home so many issues that this couple faced. First, let me say that addiction has touched home for my family, and this story could be someones "true story." It is that believable, and it is accurate!!! I lost a niece basically the same way, so yes-- it made me cry, it made me remember, and it made me feel all over again. This time however, I was on the outside looking in on the inside. I wasn't the person pushing for punishment of the individual responsible. I never thought about the person who was responsible-- but Ms. Tatum made me do that. She made me look at the other side. As a reader, I had to see both sides of the story to accurately review it-- I had to experience what the person felt, saw and experienced....I had to forgive too. This book really truly touched me on the inside. I'm not sure what most authors look for when writing and getting reviews but this book, this author--- has forever imprinted herself into my mind. No it's not a bed of roses, nor was it meant to be. It is a deep well of emotions that runs rampant until we find the ability to go on and decide to live for those that are left behind. Internal healing, that is what this book is! Well done Ms. Tatum, and a title fitting for this wonderful story of life and love.