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Why did I legally change my name to Rock Star? I changed my name because I wanted more opportunity to make an initial connection with kids; to get their attention to listen to my message. I was willing to do anything I could to spark someone’s interest concerning substance use disorder, bullying, self-mutilation and dream catching. And well, it’s working.

To change your name, there are forms that need to be filled out followed by an appearance in front of a judge to state your reason for wanting to change your name. I can recall going to court to ask the judge in Santa Monica, Calif. permission for this name change. He asked me why I wanted the name Rock Star. I told him I wanted it because I wanted to help others feel empowered to overcome the obstacles they might face each day and I thought this might be a great way to do that. After a moment, a grin appeared on his face and he looked at me and said, “I’ll accept that, Rock Star.” So there I was with a new name. As everyone in the court room started to applaud, I couldn't help but think it was my time to do what I could to inspire change not only within others but also inside myself.

The war on drugs at our borders and the fight against alcohol abuse amongst teens would not exist if we would focus on winning the war at our kitchen tables. That’s where these crucial conversations should be taking place. Parents can decrease the risk of their children using drugs by talking to them. Open communication, role modeling, responsible behavior and recognizing if problems are developing are key points necessary to create opportunities for those crucial conversations. This is the sole reason I changed my name to Rock Star. I have been able to connect the dots for so many teens, parents and community leaders and have helped open up the doors to many crucial conversations about these important subjects and more.

Rock Star is a former Web Designer turned recording artist, anti-drug campaigner, professional speaker, sober companion and advocate. He is also a sought after speaker for radio and print sharing his knowledge and experiences on subjects related to anti-drug, addiction, bullying, self-esteem, and dream catching. His demand has significantly increased as a result of recommendations from professionals in the field of addiction, prevention and education. Rock star communicates in an honest and effective manner offering inspiration and hope to others through his powerful message of rebranding sobriety and dream catching.

Rock star is also a musician who wrote, recorded and co-produced Intervention - A Rock Opera,, a first-of-its-kind CD created in conjunction with his twin brother, OPERATION ROCKSTAR'S INTERVENTION, A Rock Opera, is an anthology of songs representing the descent and rise from addiction. A collection of works depicting for the first time ever, the real life struggle of addiction from inception to escape. The CD features some of rock music's legendary heavyweights These guests have come together to help us tell our story in an effort to help others and to spread the message that there is HOPE. Our mission is to educate kids and the public about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse in a language they can understand, and to encourage open dialogue leading to healthier ways of relating to their world all through the emotional power of MUSIC.


Rock star’s journey led him to develop the OPERATION ROCKSTAR. The OR'S mission is to spread awareness of the disease of addiction and decrease the social stigma still associated with it. Rock star’s goal is to engage others in vital conversation about the impact of substance use disorder and enable them see that there is a light out of the darkness; that there is HOPE. Rock star want people to know you don’t need to party or use drugs to be a “star”. His philosophy instills that everyone deserves access to tools that inspire them to be the best they can be and to realize their dreams. OPERATION ROCKSTAR is committed to conveying this message to the public and especially to America’s youth!

Music I feel is one of the biggest teachers a kid growing up can have; it is a much bigger influence than anyone realizes. One of my goals with OPERATION ROCKSTAR is to use the influence of music to inspire and encourage kids to realize their dreams, spreading the message that anyone can realize their dreams by believing followed by making responsible choices. It happened to my brother and I . We realized one of our dreams to work side-by-side with our childhood musical heroes and created INTERVENTION - A ROCK OPERA; an inspirationally, rockin' CD dedicated to spreading the message of HOPE through recovery.

It has been said that music expresses best what cannot be said. Your hearts deepest longings, secret joys and fears, heart-wrenching losses. If you have the great luck and ability to be a successful recording artist, your music should move, possibly educate, and above all inspire in some way. Science has actually proven that music has a direct connection with emotions, mood and memory. Music literally changes your brain's chemistry. What a powerful tool that could be used for the good! Ultimately, music should not only move you emotionally but make a point. Rock and Roll all night and party everyday nowadays doesn't literally mean do drugs, wreaking havoc, damaging people, relationships and property. It's an attitude. More than the literal translation of partying all day, every day or rock-and-rolling all night. It's more a mindset of enjoying your life. Being free at least for the moment, being passionate, enjoying life. Maybe getting away from your problems for a few hours and just enjoying the music. And then, reinvigorated and emotions rested, able to conquer your life, passion, energy, hope and spirit newly re-kindled.

Most of us rock-and-rollers now-a-days (somehow living past the 80's) have realized that rock and roll is a mindset, not literal (that is if you don't want to live free and die young...this defeats the purpose of having a good time, yes?) We still can get up the next morning and recognize the person in the bed next to us, maybe even care about them, head off to work and not immediately head into damage control (and you know what I mean). Even though there are a million popular dance and pop songs, a million rock songs, in the end the only ones worth remembering, indeed the only ones that you DO remember are the ones that have moved you or changed your life in some way. The music was skillfully crafted acoustically or had a rhythm that physically infused energy and a positive vibe. Meant something. Made you cry or made you stand up for yourself. A song about how much your car costs would soon be forgotten, and your talents and effort would be wasted. That would be all about you. The longer you are on this earth, the more you come to realize that if you have a God-given a talent, you should harness it, develop it and use it for good. If you are to devote yourself to a cause, then have it move people and contribute in some positive way. If you have the ability as do I to make music, then stand for something and make it count, stand out...then you will be memorable, then that would be Rock-and-Roll. - Rock Star

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