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Smashwords book reviews by mkboylan

  • Look for Our Mother and Our Father on April 24, 2011

    If you want to take a new look at your life from a MUCH different perspective, Look for Our Mother and Our Father will be very helpful. This anonymous author examines several of our European based social constructs in detail, giving the reader an opportunity to step outside herself and reevaluate her own constructs. Author addresses, for example, our ideas about technology, spirituality, among others. This can be a complicated process, but the author has made it very readable and accessible information. She doesn't talk about solutions, but does point to the world around us as a great source of information. Somewhat reminiscent of Bill McKibben in The Age of Misinformation, this author points out that it is the information we are missing out on that is hurting us, not that the information we are receiving is necessarily harmful, and we should............Look to Our Mother and Our Father.......for more knowledge. She also reminds the reader that some of the changes we may need to make will not be a sacrifice, but rather will enrich our lives.