Grey West


GREY WEST is the author and creator of the Double Barrel series of novels.

Born in [OMITTED] and raised by [CLASSIFIED], he discovered his gift for words at an early age. He eventually learned to write, which mercifully made good use of those words since he wasn't particularly gifted at speaking.

Following in the footsteps of his parents, he studied Differential History and Dubious Occultism with the world-renowned professor [CONFIDENTIAL] at [TOP SECRET], receiving three PhD's, highest honors from the faculty, and a letter from the Queen promising eventual knighthood provided he kept his oath to warn her of any imminent apocalypses-zombie, robotic, alien or otherwise.

He now lives in [VERY, VERY SECRET] with [EVEN MORE SECRET THAN THAT LAST BIT] and spends his days making stuff up for a living, enjoying fine food and drink, and warding off enemies so evil they cannot be mentioned here. He also likes the number three for obvious reasons.

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