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  • Testing the Waters: Watch on July 26, 2021

    What's a guy to do when his twin thinks he has a problem with his manhood functioning? Well, he takes charge and concocts a plan on the fly to help his brother out, that's what he does! River and Rain are twins with a uniquely close relationship and it's about to get even closer! Chara is literally the Queen of kinky, naughty, taboo stories and this is the beginning of another completely twisted, but completely addicting story. I can't wait to see what happens next, and knowing Chara, it's going to be deliciously wicked!
  • Knotted by the Wolf 6: Filling Sean's 'Stocking' on Dec. 15, 2021

    What can I say? This series just gets better and better - if that's possible. There is seriously so much kinky, raunchy goodness that I am totally hooked, invested in the characters, and can't wait for the next installment. This is werewolf, well, smut is the best word I can think of, at its absolute best. Definitely 5* stars! Go Team Wolf! 🐺
  • Always Oskar: Sinful Delights #1 on Jan. 02, 2022

    Wow! This book is so hot but it also has so many feelings and humor! I love the dynamic between Ian and Oskar. It's a very loving, if not overly indulgent on the part of Ian towards his grandson, relationship, that supersedes their biological connection. Oskar could have come across as a spoiled brat, but instead we find a sweet, caring - if a little emotionally immature - young man who idolizes his grandfather, while at the same time bring romantically attracted to him. He's well adjusted, mischievous and has a quirky group of friends - even if they are all mafia in some way or another. Ian is gentle, indulgent, but always with Oskar's wellbeing in mind. It isn't until Oskar is 18 that he begins to see him in a different light. I loved that there's nothing crude or skeevy about how their relationship developes and it feels very natural. Loved the glimpses of the "Family" and the lifestyle. It adds an extra depth to the story. Seriously, love all of Odessa's books and this is just another to add to my favorites list! 5* stars
  • When Dreams Collide on March 04, 2022

    I was so excited for this book to come out and I wasn't disappointed. Elouise East takes a taboo relationship and weaves a story about surviving abusive families and finding hidden strengths in being true to your heart. Although the couple in this are technically uncle and nephew, the fact that Nico never even knew he had another uncle went a long way towards him being able to accept the taboo aspect. He never saw Wyatt as his uncle, so it was easier to put that aside and accept his feelings. Wyatt is the perfect gentleman. He is desperately attracted to Nico but once Nico shows that he returns the feeling, he refuses to go any further until he tells Nico the truth of their biological connection. He is tender and caring, putting Nico's needs first, and it just makes it that much hotter when they do come together. I enjoyed seeing Rhys and Adrian again and I'm very excited to read Seth's story. This is a wonderful, feel-good book that transcends the taboo and is about loving unconditionally - no matter who! Beautifully written!
  • Family Values: Sinful Delights #2 on March 27, 2022

    After completely falling in love with Always Oskar I was so excited for this second book in the series, and it didn't disappoint! To all those that complained that it wasn't dark enough or there wasn't enough hardcore mafia stuff, I say that you're missing the point! Just because there is a mafia type "Family" does not mean it has to be all blood and torture and killing. Abaddon is tough in his own way. Deep down he's a man looking for absolution and forgiveness, and secretly hoping that he is worthy of being loved. The twins, Jasper and Theo, are simply trying to survive in a world not of their making and in Abaddon they find a refuge. A life raft to give them something to hold on to to stay afloat. The bond between the brothers is all encompassing. They literally are the other half of each other and neither one feels any shame in their relationship. I especially loved how Jasper, as the more dominant of the two, was also the most vulnerable. He literally would not be able to live without Theo and every decision he makes is with the objective of keeping his brother safe and happy. Abaddon fits so seamlessly in with the boys. He takes the time to truly get to know each of them as individuals and cultivates a relationship with each brother outside of the other. *Bookstore scene 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I could literally go on and on about how much I loved this book and how beautifully it was written but the best thing to say is read it yourself! If you don't sigh at least once then you might want to check your pulse. This is full on a beautiful incest romance - low angst, high heat, and characters that are all a little broken separately, but somehow together complete each other! I'm already waiting for the next book! ❤
  • Daddy's Rent Boy on April 19, 2022

    This book was super steamy and angsty - the good kind of angst - the kind that makes you want to keep reading! Damien is utterly perfect as a man who finds himself suddenly free from the repressive baggage of his marriage but completely at a loss as to what to do next. He's a man that is constantly battling himself between what's expected of him and what his heart desires. He's in Vegas for his younger brother's bachelor hijinks but not really feeling it. Until a knock on his hotel room door sends him spinning. Jack is a young man whom life has treated rather cruelly. Kicked out by his abusive ex boyfriend/pimp, he's struggling to survive. When a friend offers to get Jack in with the man he "works" for Jack figures it can't be any worse than what he endured before. At least, he'll get paid instead of just being tossed around. His first client is Damien. From the moment they meet it's like fire and tinder. Their mutual attraction is palpable but Damien is torn between taking that first step towards what he's always wanted, and Jack is terrified of disappointing the silver fox that looks at him like he really matters. Until Damien sees Jack's submission and Jack utters that one word - Daddy! Oh, the heat is incinerating! Sweet Jack longs for someone to finally, truly want him - to take care of him, and Damien wants to protect this skittish youth - even from himself. When they finally come together it's a mix of raw passion, sexy kink, and enough heartbreaking feelings to make you hold your breath - rooting for them to see what's in front of them! Loved, loved this story and absolutely fell in love with the characters! Highly recommend this! So good!
  • His to Dare on April 19, 2022

    First of all, it's M.AM.A. Innes! That alone makes it a one-click for me, but it's always the stories that keep me coming back! No one writes incest in such a beautiful and loving way - even when the characters are kinky AF! Perry and TC - brothers brought together almost accidentally and yet absolutely perfectly! There's confusion and then clarity, followed by action that is spurred further by reactions, and add into all of that the true bond and affection between brothers. It's funny that, even though the story is of a taboo relationship and is kinky as all get out, the incest aspect is kind of secondary to the heart of the story - which is about accepting and being accepted by a person who knows you almost better than you know yourself - and who truly loves you! Can not wait for more of these two and I will always, 100%, recommend anything and everything by this author! Bravo!
  • Blood Bound: Sinful Delights #3 on June 26, 2022

    First of all, I absolutely loved this book! Yes, it's got some serious kink going on but that's ok because you just get sucked in to the story and everything that happens just fits! Marcus Malner is a twisted guy, whose primary concerns are keeping his "family" business on top and his nephew, Holden. Holden - Holden, Holden ... I think he's got to be my most favorite murder twink ever! That boy has a sadomasochistic streak a mile long and a mouthy attitude that only Marcus could love. Their relationship is severely complex and twisted but, again, it fits! Coming from the hellish backgrounds that they both have it's really no wonder that they cling to each other in every way. Who else is going to understand the demons you battle except someone whose battled the same! I absolutely adore really dark and taboo books and this whole series is one of my all time favorite ones. From Oskar and Ian to Abaddon and the twins to Marcus and Holden. Odessa does taboo in the best way and I can't recommend these enough! 10/10 ❤
  • Son of a Sinner on March 14, 2023

    I missed the note where this was part one of a duet, but that did not stop me from greatly enjoying this book. I read a lot of taboo books, and while this book wasn't completely taboo - Penn and Wild are foster father and son - I have a feeling that the second book will push us into full on taboo. The story starts when Wild is 16 years old but no lines are crossed until after he turns 18. Penn has had fleeting moments of attraction for Wild, but he does not act on these at all! In fact, it is Wild that makes the first move to changing their relationship. I really loved how devoted Penn was to giving Wild the kind of life he deserved, and how he openly and unashamedly tackles all the tough subjects - like sexuality and masturbation. More parental units should be so open and honest. I really liked the characters and the writing was extremely fluid and easy to read. This is my first time reading this author but it definitely won't be my last. I'm excited for the second book, as I think the biological connection between the two is going to explode epically when they get the results of the DNA tests. Poor Penn is going to have a lot to deal with! Great story and I very much recommend it - especially if you are just starting to foray into taboo books! 5/5*
  • For nEver Mine: Mate Mistake #1 on July 11, 2023

    Loved this book so much! The relationship between Shiloh and Riley is loving and supportive and transcends the fact that they are biological brothers. In trying to save his older brother, Shiloh - an Alpha - is put in a difficult position and there doesn't seem to be many options except for the one that he impulsively chooses: mate with his omega older brother to cut any ties to the abusive alpha and pack. Riley, bless his heart, doesn't hold any regrets towards the actions of his younger brother. He understands that there wasn't really any better choice and his love and faith in his brother never waivers. As the two try to make it across country to home and safety, the mating pull is too great to resist and they come together in explosive passion. Honestly, some of the hottest, yet loving, sex scenes ever. I also loved the support that they eventually get from, not only their pack Alpha and father, but the rest of their pack and friends. This is a truly lovely book that shows the power of love and the unshakeable bond between siblings. Odessa is literally the queen of taboo romance and I'd give this 10* stars if possible! Highly recommend this book!
  • Embracing the Dark Side on Dec. 12, 2023

    Wow! I honestly had no idea what to expect but I'm so glad that I took a chance on it. This is exactly what I like in a shorter story - straight to the point and off the starting block running. There's enough background information so that you aren't flying blind but the author doesn't waste time and gets right into the story. Ben and Ryan are brothers that share a very close relationship - a relationship that each of them secretly wishes was more. When a power outage strikes it gives both boys the anonymity of darkness to push the boundaries of their desire and to discover that they both want the same thing. As the older brother, Ben, was super sweet and responsible in making sure that everything they did was what Ryan really wanted. He reined in his own desires for his brother and I found that to be incredibly hot! Ryan comes across a little "young-ish", despite being a college student, but it plays to how he wants Ben to take charge - to own him - and I found his innocence to be really sweet. Both boys share a truly deep love that is more than evident in how they express concern for each other and when they finally step over that line - 🔥🔥🔥 I liked this so much that I immediately went and purchased all the author's other titles. This was definitely worth my 5* and I'd absolutely recommend it!
  • Playing Defense on Jan. 03, 2024

    Just ... Wow! This book is so good! Taboo books are kind of my jam. I love reading about damaged and vulnerable souls that just can't fight their need to be together - and the author does that perfectly in this book. For a first time taboo offering, Beckett Lane does a fantastic job of setting up a tragic backstory and then showing how that has affected the two brothers - Clay and Malcolm. There's a bit of a non-con feel at times, but once you realize that Mal actually desires that lack of control - that feeling that he has no say - then it becomes just 🔥🔥🔥 Clay comes off as a real a**hole, but I think as these books progress we're going to see that he's just as helpless in this relationship as Mal. Seriously can't wait for the next book and I absolutely recommend this if you like dark, angsty, taboo reads! I know I do! 😁
  • Never Say Never: Mate Mistake #2 on March 04, 2024

    First of all, if you've read the first book - and why wouldn't you - and you have an idea as to how this story is going to go, I want you to take that idea, fold it into a neat little package, and then slam dunk it into the nearest garbage because what Odessa actually does is so brilliantly beautiful and unexpected, and you'd never in a million years guess the direction she goes! But that's also what makes this book so freaking amazing! I was completely blown away with how the author took us on an incredible journey of two souls fighting intense love and longing and then finally finding their place in each other's lives! Keenan and Ellis may be brothers but Fate determined that they belonged together and no outside forces were going to keep them apart! In kind of an ironic twist, Shiloh and Riley paved the way for the rest of the pack to accept this new dynamic between the brothers, and turned out to be two of their biggest supporters - after they got done razzing them! The twist with Jaiden and Locke came out of left field, and yet, fits so perfectly! I want to scream "More!" already but am content to wait patiently for the next book because I know that this author never disappoints. 5* for world building and character development; 5* for complex storyline and intense emotional connection; 10* for all the 🔥🔥🔥 heat - because this story is on fire! Do I recommend this series? Abso-freaking-lutely!! 150% and more!!
  • Little Brother's Bedtime on April 29, 2024

    Holy hotness! Like, read with a fire extinguisher handy because this will set you on fire! I'm absolutely nuts for MM age play and c'est and this is literally the best, hottest, most deliciously filthy story ever! Becca, you are the Queen! 🔥🔥