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  • 59 Hours on Jan. 09, 2013

    Schoebern's writing is powerful and very evocative. He handles the different points of view and a non-linear chronology with ease. His character's thoughts and ways, the decors are believable and seem authentic. The scenario and events are stunning and not predictable. Read it!
  • DeniseZen on Jan. 09, 2013

    This novel is very enjoyable! The decors and places are so well described you may use this book as a guide if you travel to that region. The landscapes are vividly described. The action scenes are amazing, the pace is breathtaking and the story rebounds are so well put that you don't want to drop that book! The story is fundamentally positive and many moments are hilarious! The care put into small details make for a very authentic experience. The two main characters's portraits are, however, very superficial. They make live-changing decisions with a shrug, are obsessed with futilities and don't seem to be able to express any deep thoughts about anything. And they giggle, they can't speak normally in any circumstance it seems. The other characters are also rather naiv: the baddest baddies remind me of cartoons I watched as a child and the terribly nice ones - who should be the most intelligent beings on/above earth - are sad sidekicks who's only purpose is to make the two immature and irritating heroines look like geniuses. I looking forward for Denise's next aventure.
  • Godspeed Inc: A Naomi Kinder Adventure on Jan. 09, 2013

    Miskell's novel has earned its place among the many science-fiction books in my library. There are many aspects I appreciate in this short novel and it begins with its incipit. You're not giving any choice once you've begun reading it because you are instantaneously drawn into the action. The natural feel of the narrative point of view is one of Miskell's qualities that creates this effect. The main character is witty and intelligent and the way she reacts is most credible. Not only because her psychological portrait is seamlessly integrated in the story, but also because this work's fictional world and its inherent rules also are. In this short novel, Miskell's style is solid and pulsating. It has a lot to do with the story's tempo which is thrilling and the point of view of the narrator. It is clear to me that Miskell's Naomi is a heroin with a lot of potential that I can't wait to explore in his other adventures.