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  • Upgrade on May 29, 2011

    I enjoyed reading Upgrade. Even though it is fiction, it touches on a subject that has crossed all our minds at one time. If we could change ourselves, physically, would we and what would be the ramification? How would others treat us if we looked different, altered this or that. Stephen Hise wrote an interesting story that blows that question wide open through Brent, a sucessful but unlucky in love business man. He is unlucky in love due to his looks and decides one day to change that. What follows is a twisted web created by getting exactly what he wished for! I like how the main character went discovered things about himself that he wouldn't have had he remained 'ordinary'. What impressed me the most about Stephen Hise's book is his ability to give his characters distint voices. Tone and vernacular were crafted for each character. I could tell who was talking, without the aide of tags, most of the time. While the book kept me wondering what would happen next, the ending took me totally by surprise. All is not as it seems in Stephen Hise's Upgrade! M.L. Gardner, Author of Jonathan's Cross
  • Independence Day, Book One: The Beginnings on Dec. 20, 2011

    I enjoyed reading Indepednence Day. The characters fleshed out nicely for me and they seemed real with all their flaws, dysfunction and unique personalities. The best part of this book was how Ms. Aaron kept the reader wondering, suspecting one character, then ruling them out in the readers mind, only to loop around and suspect them again. A must have in a mystery/thriller. Editing and format were good. Talent and skill are laced into the writing of this book as is the love of writing itself. An author gets better with every book which leaves me really wanting to read more of what Bex Aaron has to offer in the future.