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  • Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Allegiance on June 27, 2013

    As usual author Shawn Chesser writes another white knuckle read! I found myself gripping my tablet and on the edge of my seat. As for cliffhangers....this one takes the cake. I cannot wait until the next book in this AMAZING SERIES is out. I read constantly and have for over 22 years and this author and series is in my top 5 all time favorites. I think that is really saying something!! The many plots and characters both main and supporting are well written, you love to love or hate them and continue thinking of them even when not reading the book(s). I cannot fathom why he is STILL an indie author and not covering the shelves of every box store and popular book stores. In my opinion books 2,3 & 4 in this series should have been on the NY Times bestseller list. They were by far much better reads than so many on said list. I hope some big name publishing house employee reads this or another review about this Series and decides to see for his or herself by reading all of the books because then Im positive they would be pounding down Shawn's door to sign him. With that said....I know there is a hugely popular zombie tv series on now, however, this book series would make an equally good series or mini series or even an HBO or Showtime movie or series. There are several vampire themed on The air now so they need to take cues from that and add a few more zombie apocalypse shows as well starting with SURVIVING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!! So, go buy, borrow or whatever this book and all others in the series. You wont be sorry!!