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Born in Oxford but now living in Derby, Colin didn't start writing until he was older ('old' as defined by his kids). Up until early 2012 all he'd written were exciting post-incident reports and impact assessment briefs in his career as an IT manager, or a never ending supply of cheques to fork out for his children's extravagant lifestyle.

One day he realised there was something else nagging at the back of his mind. A nag that said "do the washing up". Behind that though, a little voice said "write something you've made up from nothing but your imagination".

So he did.

Now he's desperately trying to continue making things up. At first he had the bejeebus scared out of him when he realised just how many good writers there were out there - all of them seeming to have a head-start writing since they could hold a crayon. But after a period of wallowing he decided "what the heck" and has been figuring out how to find time to write ever since.

At heart Colin is an aspiring writer who knows he's going to have to work bloomin hard to get any good. He has a plan though. Not quite evil genius calibre, but intriguing nonetheless.

Colin will write on just about any subject (not horror as he's also a wuss at heart), but science fiction, fantasy and the weird tends to get more of a look in that most subjects.

He likes reading, writing, mountain biking, wine that is too expensive for the money he earns and, if they are in a good mood, spending time with his family. He does not like thinking about things too hard or doing the washing up.

Please pop over to his blog if you are interested in learning more about him, his stories or his plan.

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