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Aaron Grimes
Latest book: Giving It To Her Hard. Published January 18, 2017.
AE Publications
Latest book: Toxic Sluts - Four Dirty Stories. Published December 22, 2016.
Latest book: Object Oriented. Published October 23, 2015.
B. A. Bradbury
Latest book: Sins of the Sect. Published December 17, 2014.
Brock Landers
Latest book: In Love With A Pornstar: Day Two. Published January 23, 2017.
Chelsea Lyle
Latest book: Milk for Sir. Published June 7, 2013.
Derrick Frances
Latest book: 10 Hot and Sexy BBW Stories xxx. Published January 14, 2016.
DP Backhaus
Latest book: Big Beautiful Women Need Big Beautiful Cocks!. Published September 19, 2014.
Latest book: Columbus' Trials. Published October 7, 2015. (3.50 from 2 reviews)
Emily Rose
Latest book: A Fiend for D (A BDSM Erotic Romance). Published February 9, 2014.
Latest book: Lust is the Key. Published March 9, 2016.
Gregor Daniels
Latest book: Love at First Suck. Published October 9, 2016.
Jessie Jordan
Latest book: Some Girls Like Big Girls (BBW Lesbian Erotica). Published November 24, 2012. (5.00 from 1 review)
Laura Lovecraft
Latest book: Mom Will Be Your Girl. Published February 18, 2017.
Luke Kelly
Latest book: Daddy, Eat Me Out. Published September 26, 2013.
Mikey Lee Ray
Latest book: LSD @ The Movies #3 I Am Legend Real Vs Reel. Published January 28, 2016. (3.00 from 1 review)
Latest book: Rough Sex V. Published November 3, 2015.
Ray Gordon
Latest book: Instilling Obedience. Published March 12, 2014.
Sapna Patel
Latest book: Oh Daddy You So Hot: Taboo Erotica Collection. Published August 5, 2016.
Sarah Veitch
Latest book: Sixteen of the Best. Published May 30, 2013.
Simone Holloway
Latest book: Beauty and the Beast 2: An Erotic Fairy Tale. Published October 11, 2014.
Stroker Chase
Latest book: Taming The Cat. Published January 20, 2014.
Susan Hart
Latest book: Six Feet Under (Six Classic Adult Horror Stories). Published February 18, 2017.
Vanessa Whileaway
Latest book: Vanessa' Voice 1 & 2 Bundle. Published January 28, 2014.